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TEXT TOPIC: Are you going through a mid-life crisis?

I think I am hitting a midlife crisis after hitting 50 last Aug. I wear warmups every day now. Not quite the Adidas tracksuits, but so, so close. My wife asked me what happened to my normal clothes and I told her that this is the new normal. Besides church, it's warmups all day, every day.

midlife crisis. 34 born LDS only had sex with one person, so badly want to experience sex with a different partner to see what it's like

covid/post midlife 🤣🤣 started listening to more Rap and went to my first Rap concert at 51 this year.

my cousin was a VP at a finance firm in Chicago. Had several mental breakdowns, burnt out, etc. Turned 30 and took a month long trip out to San Diego. After that, she quit her job, rented out her condo (that she just purchased) and moved to San Diego, unemployed and chilling on beaches

I'm about to be 33 and I'm ready to change it all. Hair, style and lifestyle. Even my marriage is about to change. My family better buckle up

turned 45 and got my nose pierced. I'm schedule to have one tattoo covered up with a half sleeve and another tattoo on my other arm. Not a mid life crisis just don't care what anyone thinks anymore

just turned 40. Got divorced. Left the Mormons. Got tattoos. Enjoying life without guilt and loving it!!

My best friend friend turned 45, he left his wife, got a girlfriend, bought a motorcycle, got a crazy tattoo on his bicep, and hit the gym.

My husband and all his friends got dirt bikes. They are having a pretty good midlife crisis at least they have each other and their kids

it's time to move to Tampa Florida. Need year round sun. Kids are grown. Time to live a little

I am almost 53 and want to get my first tattoo....I am getting closer to making the appointment just afraid of needles

I went threw a midlife crisis last year, I shaved half my head off and died my hair purple and green. My hair used to be down to my butt and jet black

Mid life crisis....52 years old and go to Disney World every 3 months!

turned 37 and got my first tattoo and nose pierced

single and just turned 58, I've been burning the candle at both ends playing with my adult kids. Camping, sxs riding, snowshoes, etc...

hubs & I don't get along, so I found friends to do adventures with! All divorced older men! It's a BLAST!

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