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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your RADAR?

Salt Water Lashes and Beauty

Joe Rogan podcast – Dr. Malone

Cummings chocolates

Lee’s In heber – Chicago Mix popcorn

Sean Heyes – Hypo podcast

Clean that up on insta and tik tok

In the Dark- Netflix Clickbait


The Challenge 37

Via 313- Detroit Style Pizza in Orem

West Side Story! Saw it in the theater last week and cannot stop thinking about it. Great music, great acting!

Judy's doughnuts in midday and Suss cookies also in missy. You pronounce it like Dr. Suss

A new podcast called, CreepyTales & CockTails. Good cocktail recipes and fun stories.

the new RTX 3050 you is finaly coming out for desktop. Not only is is a good gaming computer piece, it's cheap compaired to other cards

Welcome to Earth on Disney+ with Will Smith. Sooooo good.

Check out Eborn at South Towne Mall! Local artists and vendors. My favorite artist there is Rainbow Synthesis!

Had Dipp’d epoxy my garage floor and it is incredible!!! Great customer service and price is lower than most! Contact Sterling at Dipp’d.

just started doing a self-love program made by a local writer Tasha Lynn @thesoulsevolution on insta

roadrunner Windshield Repair in eagle Mountain they are the cheapest rock chip repair in the state and they come to you there number is 801-859-5564

Ogies in West Valley, best breakfast ever!

To Catch a Smuggler on National Geographic and I think ABC

Grimm, grimmer, grimmest is a great kid podcast. The host tells Grimm fairy tales to a classroom of kids (he is a great storyteller)

on my radar is (I know we are late to the game) but my hubby and I just started watching "The Office" and we are loving it

Siragusa's Italian restaurant in Taylorsville.. always such delicious food!!

heartland on Netflix.

The flight attendant – HBO max

Stay Close (Netflix)

Radar: Station Eleven on HBO max. Soooo good

another life on Netflix super good sci fi

"In the dark" on Netflix. Sooooo good. There are 3 seasons on Netflix. They are filming season 4, so it should be on Netflix in aug

*The Wheel Of Time on Amazon Prime... Loved the 1st season!! Can't wait for the next! *The Witcher on Netflix. Season 2 finally dropped before Christmas and I binged it in a day. Loved it!

1883 on Paramount+. It's the Prequel to Yellowstone. Has Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Tom Hanks, Billy Bob Thornton. So far the 1st few episodes are really good.

Diamond art!! It's sticky paper with little jewels you stick on there. Like paint by number but little jewels. So fun!! Addison Lane Design on Etsy has a few super cute designs.

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