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TEXT TOPIC: What is your piece of advice?

You can't leave those responsible for the problem in charge of the solution

What other people think of you is none of your business

as a manager and leader you have to trust people to do their job. Otherwise you’re gonna work a lot and be miserable

"resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for your enemy to die."

therapist advise I would rather adjust my life to your absence than adjust my boundaries to accommodate your disrespect

The best advice I ever received was you have two ears and one mouth listen more than you speak

you choose the life you live not anyone else.

when you say you're going to pray for someone, say a quick prayer in your mind right then. If not you'll usuallybforget.

heard this one yesterday: We can do hard things, but we don’t need to do them in the hardest way possible. - Eric Tivers

"Wear it while you can!" I should've listen to my mother because you get to the point in your life where you may be shouldn't or can't wear it and you should rock it while you can!

Doing the deed in the shower will reduce stress.. Thanks grandpa

Advice .... Be generous with your talents, time, skills. Give of yourself from the heart and help those who need help.

this is my all time favorite. It encompasses all stages of life. When One Door Closes Another Opens, But Often We Look So Long Upon the Closed Door That We Do Not See the Doors Opening In Front of Us.

Carry a salt pack with you because if you are having an anxiety attack you empty it into your mouth and it will shock your brain out of it

"treat the janitor like the CEO" meaning you're not above anyone in the workplace. It takes a team to make it work.

“Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong." People in leadership roles really need to remember this!!

the more no's you get, the closer you get to a yes

get up the first time your alarm sounds or you'll be running late

You can dip your toe in the pity pond but don't wallow in it. Means feel the feels and then move on

don't let someone's attitude dictate your mood

Advice - Don't give up what you want most for what you want now.

stop saying sorry. Shift your thinking to say thank you. Example, instead of saying sorry I'm late say thank you for waiting for me

I always give, communication is key, always kiss good morning and good night, always hold hands any chance you can.

Never miss an opportunity to pee

"Whether you have a little or a lot, be smart with what you've got."

"The first to judge, deserves it!"

If you get a burn, soak it in milk. It takes the pain away and helps soothe and heal the burned part quick

We all screw up our kids some how it's just a matter of how. So don't stress and be the best parent you can.

my grandpa taught my dad who taught me to always stay flexible or you'll break

stop listening to what he says and listen to what he does. Applied prior to divorce. Applies to all people since.

If you are no longer with the other parent of your children, do not say negative things about them to/in front your kids.

Kristina Kusmič has said When you're having a really hard day you need to give yourself more grace, not be harder on yourself.

best advice from Larry David on a late show a few years ago: PEE BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Works in all scenarios, for all ages lol

Only floss the teeth you want to keep.

Talk is cheap. My dad always tells me this especially when I am trying to make a decision or go to a job interview.

Choose your HARD. Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Obesity is hard. Being fit is hard. Being in debt is hard. Being financially disciplined is hard. Communication is hard. Not communicating is hard. Life will never be easy. It will always be hard but we can choose our hard. Pick wisely!

be careful what you pray for.

stop making excuses and just do it

Time is a created thing. To say "I don't have time," is to say, "I don't want to."

"The first to complain is the least disciplined..."

Always say "My peace is more important" when you find yourself reacting to something that doesn't deserve your energy.

my dad would say: Fall down, stand up, brush off, move on

Do your own research! On everything, carseats, insurance, tvs, schools, medical procedures, Drs, cars, research. What works for 1 may not be right for you.

if you ask for help you can't control how they help you. Don't micromanage just be thankful otherwise people will stop helping you

advice from my late gpa: "my phone is for my convenience and nobody else's" meaning you don't need to answer the phone regardless of who is calling or texting. It's given me great boundaries and freedom!

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