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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

if your in the fast lane, go FAST not below the speed limit! That's not how it works!

to anyone that is angry, upset, or JEALOUS of the gift someone else received at a holiday gift exchange, shame on you for projecting your misery on the happiness of others

after it snows, please be a good neighbor and clear your sidewalks. I almost jacked myself up several times over the holidays walking my dog.

dude- don't be a jerk. I'm trying. Really.

When it's a blizzard outside and you drive a Hyundai Elantra and trucks give no CRAP that you're smaller than them & fly past you or cut you off

Carol the world does not revolve around you! What you say is not gospel or always right. Sit down and shut the f up! Not everyone is stupid. You are the common denominator in every situation where people get mad!

please don't send your children to daycare when they're covid positive. I understand you can't miss work, but you note spread it to my entire family and at least 4 others.

Dear boss, just give me the promotion already. I have been doing the promoted job for a year now and not getting paid for it. Stop being cheap and pay me what I deserve!

Going along with the basics, hold the door open for the person behind you. It's basic and you're not the only person in the world.

Mother-in-law, stop asking me when I'm going to get something done. It literally KILLS my initiative. My leaving my tree up for MONTHS.

Just cause you're the "boss" doesn't mean you get to bend the rules that everyone else has to follow. So obnoxious.

GET OUT OF THE FAST LANE IF YOU ARE GOING BELOW 80!!!! UGH!!!! I try to be nice, but if I come up behind you and there is no one in front of you, move over!!! Don't slam on your breaks trying to force me to hit you. I like going fast, It's not about you!

people at apartments, please help out your garbage people. Don't put garbage in front of the can does pockets is how we pick the can up.

I get u have chronic pain. And I Hate you go through that. But when thats all you talk about, it starts to get annoying. You complain about not being included but we do include you! You just always cancel!

your wife getting a job with my husbands ex is not a coincidence. It's been over 20 years let it go!

STOP playing the victim! You're a product of your own choices. Nobody is going to save you. Get some help and figure it out, just like everyone else. Have some accountability for yourself and your actions.

girl you can have him. He's not a prize & is a pathological liar. He's only hanging out with you because he's desperate & freaking out, not because he likes you. I hope you like being used.

Please stop ordering free trials or at least don't be a butt about you having to canceling them.

Have a passenger? An Express lane pass? Natural Gas vehicle? How about a Motorcycle? No? Then Get OUUUT of the HOV lane! PS birdie to double white line crossers.

quit acting like everyone owes you the world. You're a pos sibling who treats the family like garbage. Why would we help you? Get bent. Nobody is jealous of the trash you have.

Just b/c I forgave u 4 cheating on me 4 a whole year doesn't mean everything is fine! I don't trust u at all and yes I will be watching!

can you do anything without me asking you to do stuff? We both know what work needs to be done every week you act like it's my job to do it all.

in laws who live with us. When I raise my voice as it's loud due to TV etc father in law says you're yelling..ugh! Well you're still breathing

to the girl at the gym yesterday...please respect personal space! Don't go right next to me and do your ab workout in my face. Ass in the air on the big ball ding pikes, hands in my face doing whatever it was you were doing...just stop! There is plenty of room on the astroturf for everyone!

Love me or hate me, these are your kids and grandkids. Your toxicity only hurts them over and over. Please. Stop.

just because you're going through a divorce it doesnt mean you get to treat the people who have your back like crap, I never would have thought to treat you this way when I went through mine a couple years ago.

to the person riding my butt in the left lane, the fast lane, I am going TWENTY OVER. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME

you're not my boss. I do not need to let you know when I won't be in or if I'll be late.

NO, I can't come back to work 2 weeks after major surgery!!

Hey Sis stop being so selfish and help mom while she's going thru chemo. You said you would help get her thru this and you come up with so many excuses on why you can't come over and help her or take her to doctor appointments.

Please stop labeling your kids "disabled" because you are too lazy to work and you want government money...or you want ppl to feel sorry for you and give you free things that they are trying to sell

u didn't call me out . I intimidate the hell out of u is why u talk about my looks . Get a life and leave ours alone .

Dear Teenage Daughter, stop being so damn lazy & study! I'm not overreacting because I'm concerned you won't graduate due to your bad grades.

I moved to utah a year ago. I have never seen so many people on their phones while driving. Put your phone down for 2 seconds and drive. Your fake friends will be there when you get to your destination

When it's snowing outside don't put your snow from a driveway in the street please

to the person doing 20 over in the fast lane. Some people want to do 25 over in the fast lane. So get out!!

I gave your family my entire bonus as a Christmas gift to help you out because you are struggling with your bills, you blew it on things you didn't need. Never again. This makes me sad, I tried to help.

You do realize that your daily harassments are being documented and will benefit me in court for harassing me and getting a restraining order! DUH!!

it's ok to keep kids home when they are sick. Better to keep other kids from getting sick. It's elementary school and he's above grade levels. Don't shame him.

TY 4 bringing ur sick ass to work yesterday & going in to get tested 4 covid today.

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