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TEXT TOPIC: What are you just DONE with?

I'm sick of co parenting with high conflict exes, who act like victims and blame others for everything. It can never be their fault & they can never take responsibility.

been living with in-laws for 11 years! So done!!! I'm the only one who will take care of them. The rest of the family won't lift a finger to help. They call us mooches because we finally bought the house from them two years ago. It's a long shiz story! You can make this up!!

I'm over it - with my SIL. My husbands ex wife has put us through the most unbelievable hell. We asked my SIL to stop hanging out with her and to support us, but instead, she started hanging out with her more, even inviting her and her new husband over for Christmas breakfast. Family doesn't mean you have to put up with total betrayal!

I am done with my mother-in-law. She is dripping with resentment

I'm over my job, over the lazy people who don't want to work and happily stand by watching the rest of us actually do the work. Over my boss, over the "customers" OVER it! Time for a new job!

OVER Covid. It's been almost 2 years. When will we get rid of testing sites and send people to their doctors

I am done with my job. No one takes me seriously because I'm 10 years younger than everyone else in my department at 27, despite me having an MBA.

I am done with dating, no one seems to know how to actually date, it is always just "come over and hang out" like no thanks! treat me like a lady I am.

I'm over COVID. I'm over hearing about it, the numbers, the deaths, testing, masks, every part if it. I'm not insensitive to COVID, just over it in every waY. I have COVID right now. And I'm over that too. All of it

I'm done with the whole mask thing and the LIES we're constantly being told by our Govt. The division and the hate. It's like the end of the world can't come soon enough

I'm so over dating apps. No one wants a real relationship or put in the work. It's a hookup culture and no one even dates. Argh!

Tired of being in a relationship where I am the only one doing everything. Everything being paying all the bills and paying for everything for our child. Ready to walk out the door.

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