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TEXT TOPIC: How did you get jacked up over the holidays?

Hubby got on hoverboard and shattered his wrist. He was in so much pain We're still in Colorado visiting darling daughter. Took him to Orthopedic surgeon two days later. He's in a cast waiting to see if he need surgery

I was cut off and slammed into the back of someone else's car. This happened the 23rd and im still in a ton of pain due to it

On Christmas Eve my 3 kids and I made Ornaments for the tree. I totally burned my fingers from the hot glue gun. Enough so, I am still having issues picking things up.

I hurt my hamstring and have no idea...didn't go out and stayed in for the most part. Now it hurts to even drive. Man I'm getting old.. this pain is like no other.

I went up in the attic to get the Christmas Decor and Tree....I fell through the freaking ceiling, my whole leg went through.

We played musical chairs for a gift exchange at work. My co-worker used her birthing hips to hip check me. tore my MCL.

I was talking to my coworker yesterday and he hurt himself doing that VR. He was crossing, tight rope style, on top of a building and had to jump. Let's just say he didn't stick the landing. He has a black eye and he hurt his rib cage.

New year's Eve Eve, we went to Zoo Lights and I totally turfed it! My butt was sore for a few days.

Two incidents, I tried to light a fire at a cabin and I ended up burning my arm. Second incident I was coming in from outside after shoveling and I slipped on ice and water and messed up my back

Fell down the stairs and broke my tailbone day 1 of winter break, we flew to Hawaii 4 days later. #OUCH

I broke my leg in three places over Thanksgiving weekend. Had to have surgery. I teach middle school it's been fun.

husband was installing the new clutch home theater system sound system in the house and put a drill bit through his finger Yep! Through it. The drill bit broke

My mom passed out in the shower the week of Christmas and broke her ankle. She was stuck on crutches until she could get into a specialist which wasn't until after the holiday

Was helping my grandparents move their bed. After which I laid on said bed and totally screwed up my back by pinching a nerve and now my lower back hurts every single day

welcome back friends. It's Eric. I spent 3 weeks in Mexico just got back Sunday. Holiday injury, scuba diving cenotes and caverns husband had an issue so i was helping, hit my head on the cavern roof. Big ol gash. Oops

tripped over my own feet and injured my wrists

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