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TEXT TOPIC: Who is the horrible gift giver in your life?

me... I am very practical. It's good but not very exciting

My dad is the worst gift giver!! always wait till Christmas Eve to get presents. And usually most places are closed. One year I got a tire repair kit because autozone was the only thing left open--The best part of my dad giving me a tire repair kit. I did not have my own car.

my mom gives all the kids the same terrible gifts from the as seen on TV display at the store. I've got at least 4 different clogged drain gadgets. One year got a 99 cent uno game, a jar of offbrand salsa, and deodorant

my husband is the worst at gift giving. - cleaning supplies, tires, dirt bike exhaust ( I don't have a dirt bike), earrings ( my ears aren't pierced). 30 years of this. Good thing he is cute.

received a used unwashed Jamba juice mug from my cousin when I was around 10

my great grandma would give socks and/or deodorant. Growing up it was nice, but the socks would only be the thin black dress socks. After she passed I missed those gifts because I knew she tried her best to get each of her great grandchildren a gift for Christmas.

My awesome mom in her old age, 78yo. Fleece leggings 4 sizes too big. All kinds of animal figurines. We don't have the heart to tell her

my bil's gf. Book on how to be a better mom going through postpartum, random stuff like a single bag of popcorn and those fundraiser chocolates. Just don't.

My hubby is a bad giver, I give him a list and he eluded a box spring would make a good gift, and I lost it, that's not a good present!

my mom! Random things out of her basement for years that she bought on sale at off brand stores! I got the same birthday present three years in a row

My mom...God bless her, but every gift I received was either from the DI or a knock offs that would break soon after opening. However - i learned how to fix everything.

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