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TEXT TOPIC: What happened during massage?

getting a couples massage and my hubs was wasted, picked up the bell that told them we were ready we weren't! He fell off the table backwards and gave them a show then fell asleep during

Im a massage therapist. One time I completely slipped off my rolley stool and was sprawled on the floor. It was LOUD and I groaned in pain. Client made no comment; didn't even look up. Yes, they were awake.

Was getting a massage at a school downtown and he kept putting oil and massaging my back and all of a sudden I felt a liquid pour on my back but both of his hands were still rubbing so I'm pretty sure he drooled on me.

Had clients fart, forget to shower, come straight from vicrum yoga, and have swass.

my sisters & I used to go to the student clinics at the massage therapy school. Back then it was a very big room and it was divided by curtains like a hospital for each individual student's table. On occasion you could just hear people farting and moaning all around you and in the distance!

I was getting a massage and when they reached the lower back, they pushed down and I accidentally let a silent but deadly one rip. I was so embarrassed, they got a $200 tip from me.

When Jess and I went to Miami on my work trip together, we stayed at the Ritz Carlton. The massage guy asked where we were going dancing that night and that he was going to put a chip in my neck to track me! Then he was aggressively massaging my hips, making my bootie shake and he said he could imagine how I dance! Ew.

went to Mexico and a masseuse came to the villa and gave everyone a massage. When when she did my dad,, husband and 11 year old son she would tap their junk over to one side to rub that leg and then tap it over to the other side for the other leg. They were all shocked. Crazy experience for my 11 year son.

During a couples massage My wifes therapist was wearing a long sleeve shirt and would only use her thumbs. She was so bummed...

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