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TEXT TOPIC: How did you know it was doomed from the start?

I knew the week of the wedding that I'd regret it. The day of the wedding, I wanted to walk out but I couldn't embarrass my family. One year later, we got divorced

my last relationship, lasted 8 years but he cheated week one. And I still stayed

i knew my relationship was dommed after I realized he brought nothing into the relationship but debt and drama

w/in 2hrs of getting married, my then husband told me he hated when I did my makeup like that bc I looked like a "Mexican whore"

as we were walking down the aisle for my first marriage, my dad told me if I want to run he will cover for me and to do it now. I honestly thought about it but thought it was too late at that point.

I knew it was a mistake from the wedding night. He got drunk & fell asleep.

I knew from the beginning of my relationship with my ex that it wouldn't work, he kept making promises to me, to take care of me and never hurt me, and he promised to always be there for our baby, a few months before I had her he walked out. She's almost two and hasn't been around since. Never make promises you can't keep.

I knew it was doomed when I Would get physically Ill and throw up every single time I would go Out with him hahaha . That didn't last long

I questioned what I was doing walking down the aisle. He showed up to the wedding in shirts and Birkenstocks. I was in a full blown wedding dress. Divorced within a year.

I knew a relationship was doomed when we were in ICU watching my great g-ma take her last breath and he was upset that I wasn't paying attn to him

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