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TEXT TOPIC: You has no business transporting it in your car?

well known story of my late gpa is him hauling home goats in a sedan from a livestock auction

not me but my aunt. She drove from Clinton to Phoenix with my grandpa's casket (and grandpa) in the back. GMC Acadia fits a casket

During my childhood my grandpa was a mortician in Boise. During the visit one time I noticed my parents taking the seats out of our van. Come to find out they had agreed to transport a body to Utah for him and I got to sit next to the casket. I don't think I blinked for the seven hour ride at 55 mph

When I was 8 we had five Co2 balloon tanks in the car with us, when moving really late one night. my little cousin had us blow up some balloons for the car drive. While my aunt was driving, an owl hit the car and then all the balloons popped at the same time and I remember her bringing the car to a dead stop she looked at me eyes open as far as they could and asking are we dead? She thought the tanks had blown up and we were in the afterlife.

my husband somehow fit two 8' kayaks in a Prius hatchback

My grandma who is very LDS transported a marijuana plant over state lines (prank by her kids) she raved about what beautiful leaves the plant had Needless to say, she was not happy when she realized what her plant really was

A lawn mower in a two door Chevy

A baby horse on the way to the vet.

I had no business transporting the child that ended up in my car at a public pool. He was overheated and lethargic didn't know who's car he got into. I gave him water and was able to get a hold of his mom and get him home safely.

I have horses, and couldn't afford to buy hay in bulk and have it delivered at one time, so I would go to the hay store and buy hay bales each week. I could fit 4 small bales in my little Ford Focus

Black Friday shopping. My husband, me and my mom. My husband talked my mom into getting a big screen TV. All we had to transport it was my husband's mid-size car. We shoved it in and across the back seat and I slid and laid underneath it, to get home.

drove from Walmart to our elementary school with 80 dozen donuts and my four kids in our minivan. Yes 80. Dozen. It was for a PTA event at the school and my kids literally had donuts on their laps and were balancing boxes on their heads as they hung over from the trunk.

My mom and her siblings did a sibling retreat to Vegas. My crazy aunt bought a lot of weed "intent to distribute" amount and hid it in my mom's car back to Utah!

transported 500 sq feet of sod in my dodge stratus. Grass was soooo heavy you'd think my car was a low rider gone bad

My cute adorable stepdad has transported a baby calf and baby goat in his Ford Taurus from the auction. I can only imagine peoples faces as they passed him.

I had my pregnant goat that couldn't deliver the 3rd baby on her own and the other 2 babies rushing them to the vet in the middle of the night in the back of my husband's Durango! I made my friend sit in the back with them so they weren't sliding around back there!

My cousins grandma passed away and they transported her body in the casket to Idaho in the back of a pick-up truck. The truck got in an accident and rolled... the body came out of the casket into the road!

I work for my families Salsa and chip company and one day i fit about 180 12 oz bags of chips in my 2002 Infiniti i35 sedan. I still don't know how i did it

72" TV, Nissan cube, we made that bitch work

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