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TEXT TOPIC: Who is the strict parent?

I am the stricter parent without a doubt. Hubby never wants the kids to see him as the bad guy & leaves all discipline to me. Heaven forbid he parents & the kids get mad at him.

I'm a step mother .. I'm way more strict and everyone hates me

mom is the stricter. I will enforce any discipline and I am quick to take away privileges if they aren't behaving. Husband wants to be their friend.

I'm the strict parent I came from 2 DV relationships & don't want my kids turning out like their sperm donors so far they are more of a man then their dads

Me for sure!! My husband lets my 13 year old watch the walking dead! Definitely 💯 Disney land dad.

I'm the stricter parent AND the not strict parent. I'm the only parent. I truly have to play both roles so in some aspects I'm strict but I also have to remember to go easy on her sometimes. Being a single mom is hard.

my husband calls me the warden, strict rules for both him and my daughter

Me for sure! I have to make sure everything is done (homework, chores). My son thinks he is funny calling me Hitler and raising his arm to me

my husband just avoids setting rules , enforcing rules and boundaries. He leaves it to me and they all call me mean

my husband is the strict one...I'm a total pushover and I cave to my kids especially my baby who is 16 and she takes full advantage of it

I'm the strict 1, I except my kids 2 finish chores b4 they can do fun things & I'll make them miss events if they haven't finished, Dad will let em go w/o doin chores 1st.

Both of us are equally strict. We back each other up.

I'm the stricter of the two, but I go about it differently. My wife sounds strict while I'm strict with a smile. I help them to understand why this or that instead of just "No!", etc.

depends on the kid I'm stricter with our daughter and my husband is strict with our son. We're working on making both equal

I think we take turns being the strict one, but hubby is definitely the fun one hands down. Even though he's strict often, he's still their favorite.

I am the mellow strict. Once Dad is called in you are really in trouble. But we try to share the burden.

while my adult kids were growing up with my X and I, He was STRICT like drill Sgt STRICT. Never military. I was the protector. However he was an alcoholic too. Now that the kids are over 18 they have ZERO relationship with him. He is now sober and regretting his past and begs for a relationship

my hubby was the "fun" uncle and kinda of a partier. He was raised with leniency Once he became a dad, he became very strict!!! I was raised very strict and I'm definitely the "sucker" I try to back him up but find myself saying "no it's ok babe" too often Im front of the kiddos Need to work on that

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