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TEXT TOPIC: What is your first and only date story?

went out with a guy last month Tall green eyes black hair soooo fine went to a nice restaurant and he kept sucking on his teeth no manners at all

we didn't even make it to the date talked for like a week then he started telling me he loved me dude we haven't even met in person yeah no thank you

I accidentally got high (didn't think it would kick in so quick) we went to a food place by my house & he was not being good at keeping conversation going. He knew I had to work early, but even after the maybe 30 minute date, he still tried to invite himself in to "watch a movie," on the way deuces by chris brown was playing. Couldn't have been a more perfect song to end the night.

first date. He brought his sex toy to show me. We never even talked about sex before lol ugh

we went mini golfing. This guy bragged about being a great golfer. When I started whooping him, he threw his putter toward me. Big red flags. Deleted his number real fast

Supposed to be a dinner date. He took me to the cemetery to show me where him and his future wife we're going to be buried. He tried to kiss me, he told me he was the fourth godhead, he told me he was a millionaire, he told me he had been speaking in tongues that day at work. We never ended up going to dinner!!

1st & only date told me he wasn't tall enough to dunk a ball but loved playing basketball. We met at a restaurant he was 4' 11". I'm 5'5". Ate free dinner and left.

went mini golfing with a guy. He got mad I won and threw his club then accused me of cheating and called me the C word. Then his friend randomly showed up and they asked for a three way in the bathroom. Hard pass. Needless to say no second date.

date w/DR found out he lost his med license for stealing pain meds. Was very pushy to settle down. Yr later he ended up on sex off. Reg

I went out with a guy who was 5'9". When I got to the restaurant he hopped down off the stool at the bar and I was taller. I am 5'2"!!!!

Guy kept talking about how he thinks women getting child support just cheat the system and don't work. I'm a single mom, who works, and gets child support

half way thru dinner he said "u wanna lick my eyeball?" Look on my face must've been concerning because he then added "no, it's cool! My uncle did it to me once" check plz

on a date to have drinks the guy said his car was in the shop so I picked him up. got to the bar he ordered his drink but didn't offer a card to pay or start a tab. I ended up paying for his first drink but told the waitress I'd only be paying for the one. I had one more then took him home

1st and only date was a blind date when I was 18 years old. I played an ICP CD in my car. Never heard from her again

blind date, yrs ago. Went to movies, stopped at 7-11 to buy candy and soda, wanted to go Dutch on tickets since movie theaters are so expensive. Never again

he leaned in for a kiss which I wasn't not feeling at all he hit my lips with his teeth then told me I was a bad kisser there wasn't even a kiss 🤣 needless to say that was the last date

this is my sister's story but when she was 18, she had a first date that awkwardly ended up at the guy's house, he made her cook dinner because it was apparently "women's responsibility" and had her stop cooking the chicken because he liked it raw....

My sister was pursed by a guy she wasn't interested in; finally agreed to go on a date with him. Drove her up the canyon & pulled a knife on her.

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