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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

I signed up to be your PTA treasurer I didn't sign up to be your PTA treasurer, secretary, president and all the above I can help but I'm not doing it all for you anymore

just leave already. You are just a burden and a drain on this family. We would be better off without you. You've finally burned all your bridges, just leave.

people only giving gifts expecting something in return. I'm a poor college student.

If you think everyone is OK with you marrying a woman that is half your age and you only met her three times so you can officially get her and bring her into the country you're crazy

im so sick of family drama cause they are freaking cry babies let's quit bringing up beliefs and politics just til the 26th pretty please

when my coworkers decide to show up after me and yet still leave before me at the end of the day

For the love of all!! Why does it take people so long pull out of a parking spot! Get in your car and go!!!! You don't need to balance your checkbook in the parking lot!!

stop playing favorites for your employees and then claiming you don't have a favorite employee that you cater to. Appreciate the ones that work the hardest.

To my MIL. I have listened to you for 20 years say how you would never talked badly about your sons ex-wives because they are still the mothers of your grandchildren. So quick question....If I divorce your son will you quit trashing me TO my own children? Or do I need to steal money from You and take advantage of you like the ex daughter-in-laws before that applies?

lady blocking the gift cards with her cart 2 pick out cards Move out of the way till u find what u want Dont get mad @ me 4 squeezing in to get 1 gift card

If you do not have a house number or one thats not visible , on the curb only, or dark # on dark house paint. Just know all delivery drivers hate you. Help us help you

-your kid is 3 and doesn't talk. He's not quiet, he needs professional help. Family parties are the worst because he just screams. We did it and so can you! Be a parent for once and help your kid

Plowing HOAs and parking lots, give me my space! I weigh 15k-20k pounds. I will win in a game of chicken. Stay back and stay safe!!

Dear bro in law, stop having people drive by to check up on me. I'm not going anywhere or doing anything wrong.. Worry about yourself.

Felix I understand that you love your girlfriend with your whole heart and all that jazz but is it necessary to talk to her for the entire duration of our 12 hour shift? It's annoying and you get paid to work not whisper sweet nothings to your boo thang.

Don't tell you want me to be the next supervisor and then when you tell me I wasn't chosen you tell me it wasn't your choice. Own up to it as the hiring manager and tell me what I can do better next time time don't get my hopes up.

dear in-laws don't send a passive aggressive text on the family chat on Thanksgiving morning coming at me and expect me not to have my feelings hurt. Yes I have a little bit cruder sense of humor then you are used to, but I am nowhere near as bad as I could be. I really hold it back when I am around you. Keep in mind I'm more PG-13 than R

To my husband- grow up! Treat people the way you would like to be treated. If you wouldn't like to be spoken to like that then don't speak to me that way.

the changes are benefiting your friends not me, I'm still leaving #ragequit

dear wifey, when I ask you what you want to eat and you say whatever, don't get mad when I bring home McDonald's. Get your own damn food.

hey worse boss ever Jen, thanks for telling us the early morning meeting was canceled. Can you just leave already? I can't stand looking at your pathetic face anymore!

I'm so over you and your expectations and "traditions" my family and my kids are not expected to do anything. Especially my oldest since her birthday is in December and we make it all her on her day. She is also not going to be forced to stay or do anything she doesn't want too. We give you a heads up and a time limit that my kid can handle being around everyone if it's not good enough for you then we won't come.

dear asshat that stole our Christmas decorations and cut the wires on our Inflatables I hate you

your blatant attempt to buy your children's love with expensive Christmas gifts, when you don't even pay child support is pathetic. Try being a dad on a regular basis first!

Dear precious Fam member. I know our fam is FAR from perfect & tht you've recently become a doting new father. I cld nvr blame u for being careful abt who u bring around, but suddenly cutting off nearly the ENTIRE FAM isn't the answer! I'm truly concerned abt ur future when sh#t finally goes wrong for u (as it eventually does w/everyone) & there's no one left to support & help u thru the hard times. Family IS important.

Thanks a lot for all the verbal abuse and the harassment iv taken from you and then I get blamed for someone else's screw up and decide that yelling at me in front of everyone at work and let me go. Your a ass**** and karma coming for u

Are you kidding me. You said it all in one breath. My iPhone 13 just arrived, took a trip to the Oregon coast with my girlfriend, you should really go if you get a chance, oh I'm going to be late on child support this month.

mom. Quit trying to force us to have another child. Our youngest is only four months. Let my uterus rest.

it should be illegal for trucks to haul sand and rocks uncovered on the freeway. My car just got sandblasted ):

To the hackers that are wiping all the money off gift cards, I hope you rot. Thanks to you, the $1000 that my husband had on a gift card, for Christmas gifts is gone! People beware of buying cards from the stores!!! And to the gift card balance customer service, thanks for nothing and for making ME feel like the criminal!

I work out of state. My wife called a plumber for something I could have fixed if I was home. Ended up costing me 900 bucks for less than a hour of the plumbers time. Parts cost around 30$ at the hardware store. Not very happy

To the customer who called in to restaurant customer service claiming fraudulent charges from us, DISPUTE THE CHARGE WITH YOUR CARDHOLDER! We are not responsible for your financial information being hacked! And good luck "suing" us for not checking the hackers ID on their Mexican food transaction

I have a PAT if something has been miss delivered to ur house & for a different address or the person has moved do NOT open their mail & steal the gift-

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