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TEXT TOPIC: What is the most you've paid for concert tickets?

Adele tickets $2400 for 4 tickets.

I was lucky enough to get Adele tickets $450 ea, after fees and insurance $600. That's the most I've spent, but it's what I anticipated

Katy Perry concert down on the floor, paid about $250 for each ticket

The most we spent was $150 each, but it was for Pink Floyd!! Sun Devil stadium.. soo amazing

I paid $550 for two tickets to Garth Brooks during his Las Vegas residency back in 2011- 100% worth it!

$600 a seat for Adele tickets (almost nosebleed). Wanted floor seats but unwilling to pay $900-$2500 for those.

$450 the most I paid, for GNR in Vegas on their first tour with Slash. WORTH IT! Now debating to pay $500-800 to see Hamilton at the Eccles

spent about $250.00 a ticket for panic at the disco and weezer. It was pit tickets best concert ever.

$1200 on 2 tickets for Celine Dion in Vegas......... then she cancelled. Bought again when she came to Utah ......... then covid.

Just bought new kids on the block tickets and I spent $900 for VIP meet And great

Spent $250 per ticket to see Paul McCartney. We took our two children, so with fees it was over $1200.

paid $440 for a pair of Post Malone tickets for my son's Christmas gift. He canceled the show due to Covid

$400, in 2019! Janet Jackson, 10th row center!!! Bucket list since 1984, done!

1700 to fly to Taylor swift opening night of her reputation tour! Right next to her! And I flew there and flew back within 24 hours

$800 a ticket for Barbara Streisand

Paul McCartney 500 a piece

$500/person for Morgan wallen at usana next year. So excited but can't believe the price

paid over $500 per ticket for BON JOVI...Included the back stage experience. Best night ever. There is no limit for how much I would spend to see him

My husband and I are going to Luke Combs on Thursday (country singer) his tickets were 700 for a pair of upper bowl tickets

$450 Elton John

one of my exes' parents surprised us with Shawn Mendes tickets a couple years back. When we showed up I was surprised how close to the stage we were and it turns out the tickets were like 500 bucks a piece

My friend accidentally clicked ADA for concert tickets. I called to exchange them and see how we could get GA. They said you have to purchase the VIP package, so we went for it $275 to see Luke Bryan. It was so worth it!

just spent $600 to go see Kanye and drake in LA. Apparently ticket master does surge pricing now, like Uber so be mindful if it's 1st day on sale-same seats for Kanye and drake were $300 day of the show. The artis sets the price but the venue can charge whatever they want. Thank

I went to Celine Dion in Vegas 3 times and paid around $400 a ticket one of the times to get a super close spot! Totally worth it to see Queen Celine!

$730 Cold Play- May 2022 in Phoenix. Thought the pair I was getting was $220 A PAIR, NOT EACH. Major screw up, but still going to Cold Play AND it's in Arizona.

paid $900 to go see pink during her last tour

just paid $450/each for Adele tickets for her Vegas residency and I CANNOT WAIT TO GO

paid $1800 for 3 tickets to a famous performer from Mexico, Juan Gabriel. It was on my mom's bucket list. The man died 1 month before we got to attend.

spent $400 a ticket for Billie Eilish for my daughter and the tickets were a scam so I ended up spending another $200 each from the scalper so I technically spent $600 each ticket at the dang Saltair

Backstreet Boys, front row; $125 in 1999

$350 in 2013 to see Justin biebs when I was $15 😂 28th row baby!

$400/ ticket 2019 Nkotb 4th row floor seats. Took my mom

Paid $300 for nose bleed tickets to see Tim and faith for 4 tickets about 10 years ago

Garth twice in Vegas during his Wynn Rez. $1000

paid $500 for 2 Celine dion tickets at the same venue that Adele is performing in Vegas! I was 5 rows away! She's the only one I'd ever pay lots of money for! –Maria

paid $250 to see Beyoncé in Vegas. Worth every penny. I couldn't even get a good buzz on because my jaw was on the floor the whole time. Queen Bey

paid 825.00 for just the ticket to see Madonna (up front floor) in Las Vegas. BEST concert I've ever been too!!!!!

$430 to see Monkees at the celebrity theater. 2nd row VIP

in 2002 $400 for Enrique Iglesias front row and traveled to London (ticket was $85)

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