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TEXT TOPIC: What was your most recent 'Car-gument'?

My mom was arguing with my dad in the car ride home, she is crazy and thought he was cheating on her. My dad was driving and she decided to pull the steering wheel. He wasn't wearing a seat belt and they hit the cement wall and bounced off a couple of times. Luckily they didn't get hurt.

On the side of the freeway. There was only one car pulled over and when I passed the car there were two men fist fighting. So they obviously pulled over got out of the car just to fist fight

Hubby & I got in a cargument over him letting people get ahead of him @ the Costco gas line, we had been waiting over 10 minutes and he let someone in front of us 😡

My brother and I took a road trip to northern cal, the only argument was over who's turn it was to drive. "Pull over it's my turn!" No I'm already driving. "So? It's my turn" it's raining! "Idc it's my car!"

My husband likes to turn THEN put his blinker on. Or he won't use the turn lane properly and slows down in the lane as he turns 😡 that always starts the cargument

Road rage! If some flips off my husband, gets on our ass when we are already going over the speed limit or cuts us off my husband feels he has to respond! Instant fight.. for the most part I do most of the driving now! Lol now I just hear him comment on how I drive.. I don't care.. I get us there without any rage issues with other drivers... even with all the A-holes out there!

Wife and I got in cargument over the free fart zone in NSL. Smell is from sulfer hot springs not refinery

Just yesterday my husband and I had a movie at 2. And I got distracted, and I didn't realize it was 1:50. So I got upset because he didn't tell me, then he got all defensive and said that I normally don't like to be on time to the movie, and that there is 20 mins of previews so the whole way to the theater we didn't talk to each other

Man can you imagine if they did whose hotter surveys on average people. It'd be crushing.... mainly cause I know I'd lose haha

We had an argument yesterday over who's family to spend the holidays with. I was frustrated because his family lives 4 hours away and he originally told me he was fine just visiting the 23rd or 26th so we didn't have to spend the holiday driving. Yesterday his family guilt tripped him and he also realized he how much he wanted to be there on the 24th. This made me frustrated with why he couldn't voice what he wanted in the first place and waited until his family was disappointed making me feel like the "bad guy".

Me and my significant got into a car argument because we went to a Christmas party this weekend and my husband didn't sit by me or talk to me the entire time.

I don't like driving with my wife anywhere because it becomes her opportunity to have me trapped and tell me what I'm not doing right. "You need to lose weight" (Im not big), "You need to take better care of the yard." (I do really well with the yard), "You need to make more money" (I'm near $200k)...I hate our drives...it's every freaking day, but is a carguement.

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