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TEXT TOPIC: Parents lied to you and as an adult you're mad about it!

My dad said we were growing tomatoes in the back room, found out later he was growing marijuana and was also a seller. It is what led me to get into law enforcement

My parents told us they gave our rabbits away. Found out last year they actually released them up a canyon. My poor bunnies. I can only hope they lived long happy lives.

My parents never told me that my dad is not my biological father. My mom had me already and he adopted me when I was 3 when they got married. They finally told me when I was 15 because of my questions. I was upset and still 30 years later it's still upsetting.

My mom told me my dad passed away from cancer, I was 5 when he passed I was in my early teens from my older half sister that he actually passed from aids. After arguing with my sister about it I confronted my mom and she said it was true and she didn't tell us because she didn't want us to be bullied by other kids thinking we had aids too.

I used to tell my son Walmart wasn't open when it snowed. 100% do NOT feel bad about it!

My girlfriend had a secret family recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Best I'd ever had. 10 years into marriage and her dad spilled the beans that she was using Pillsbury cookie dough. #LIES

One of my friends assumed she knew her parents first names and it wasn't until she was in college that she found out BOTH parents had different first names and just never told her their real names until years later. She felt so embarrassed/mad lol

Was told my grandpa was killed by cops due to breaking out of prison. When asked why he was in prison was told he made a mistake... only to find out when I was older he molested his daughter/my aunt and a friend of hers...

I was the oldest sister of 7 kids. So I was responsible for all the kids. To keep the from getting out of bed I told a story about when I got lost under the bed and ended up in a fantasy world. Apparently, my little sister who is now 40, just figured out that I made that ALL up to keep them in bed!

My parents told me my cat died (they were tired of it), but they actually DID give it away to a family with a farm! Total dead pet reversal. And, parents told me my dad was 10 years younger than he was...ended up being 20 years older than my mom. Lol CK

When we were younger we were told that our dog that was going to be put down (he bite a few people) was saved by a lady who saw him and just fell in love with the dog.. my sister just found out last month it wasn't true. The rest of us assumed it wasn't.

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