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TEXT TOPIC: Was it messed up the way you got fired?

I hurt my back on the job took out workers comp which got denied later and 2 weeks after the injury I was let go without cause wouldn't tell me a single thing

I had been with the company just over two years. Had just been promoted about 6 weeks earlier. I had the highest numbers out of 28 people. I was called into a zoom mtg with over 90 other people. They let us all go over zoom saying RIF. Reduction in Force. Even my three bosses above me didn't know it was happening! Needless to say not cool!!

This company who shall remain nameless offered me a job moved me and my family from California here to start up a company. They hired a manager and myself as a sales rep neither one of us had experienced in the product we were selling. A year-and-a-half after opening and what I considered really good sales day about us both go a week before Thanksgiving. The district manager called us in to the conference room one at a time and said your services will no longer be needed.. Blood Sweat and Tears went into this location many many after work hours many many after hours working our butts off to build this location with no appreciation whatsoever.

after I was sick with the flu a few years ago, during a meeting right after lunch they let a bunch of us go in front of everyone and called our names like we were winning some prize...

My husbands' company did the zoom layoff like this person. He lost half of his team that day. You were told a time for your zoom meeting and if you were on the 10 o'clock meeting you got the same basic message.... if you are on this call you no longer work here effective immediately. Thankfully for my husband his zoom call was at 1 o'clock but by that time everyone had heard about the layoffs that morning. Horrible way to do it. It was a month after COVID hit but could have been done a better way.

In 2019 I was let go while I was in the hospital with my baby he was just born two days before

I was working for a trash audio and video company. I was accused of sleeping on the job. When they talked to my team and they all said that I didn't

they called me into the office, they suspended me without pay while they looked into it. But I got fired over a phone call because they had to make an example of me because I defended myself. I have a better paying job. Self employed bish!

when I was 15 I worked at Long John Silvers in a Southern Utah Town. I was scheduled a week off to go out of town with my BFFs fam & the morning I was leaving my parents were driving me to her house, we drove by the building and saw a big sign that said "Perm Closed Out Of Business".

Fcc came in to our office with officers and ordered everyone off the phones, took us into the meeting room where they demanded everyone give any passwords and any scripts we used, company said we would be back within 2 weeks, we'll that was a lie, company got sued and shut down, terrible way to lose your job BUT me and the wife got to go home early that day, shizz happens and now were both at incredible jobs

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