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TEXT TOPIC: Tell us your tipping story

I'll just tell them no thank you. Not every situation deserves a tip.

I love when my family comes from Australia and gets asked to tip. They are blown away that we pay them to work. I hate being asked to tip I feel obligated

please tip Carpet cleaners, and other home services. Love you guys

I will NOT tip if they ask for one.

I ALWAYS leave a tip for the maid at hotels that clean the rooms. I've worked that position before and it was nice to receive a tip. That money bought you a lunch meal or even just your favorite drink.

went to go eat at a restaurant and they forced us a 25% tip I used to pay 35 dollars now I'm almost at 50 dollars its ridiculous I'll rather cook the food myself

I think it’s out of control too. I went to play some mini-golf once, and they asked if I wanted to tip! I’m not afraid to hit the “no tip” button, but it feels wrong!

My Vape Shop asks if I want to leave a tip every time. It's so awkward! You want a tip to hand me a bottle of juice off the shelf?

I work for a restaurant management company. This is a dirty thing some restaurants are doing to offset the labor shortage, by turning on tipping you basically add 30% to your employees wages without having to pay more. Don't feel like a bad person for not tipping in the Drive-Thru.

car wash in Herriman had a girl standing to take my payment & asked if I wanted to leave a tip-caught off guard all I could say was "do you vacuum the cars for us now"? I felt horrible after but was so confused why I should tip to vacuum my own vehicle

I think the tipping has just gotten out of hand I'm usually a decent tipper. I had some lipo suction done just before thanksgiving and they have you get a massage a few time after the procedure and you close the door to get undressed and there is Venmo prints taped to the door. Argh didn't I have to pay enough for the procedure

I don't mind tipping But lately anything I do or go asks for tips. I bought my wedding dress jewelry and I was asked to tip.

I always make sure to tip good especially knowing it is some people's livelihood. I just recently started working for Ubereats on the side and am so surprised at how many people just don't tip. I would say 7/10 do not tip.

I got get drinks from this kinda new place every day and a person outside walks up to each car with a tablet, takes your order, then asks if you want to tip. I'm put on the spot everytime so I end up doing it. It is annoying.

So the work I do shouldn't be tip But we use a tablet that ask for it. And people do it all the time. The tip became part of my salary it's like 20-30%. So I need it. Now I Learned to ask for the tip, for the orders over the phone. ( single mom )

when I order takeout from a certain restaurant you park in front of the restaurant by the side door and I pay ahead of time online. The person comes to your car and gives you the bag of food and asks if you want to tip them. Talk about being put on the spot!

I am a server at a buffet and you'd be amazed how many people think you dont do anything so you dont need a tip! We clear plates. Clean your table, keep our sections clean and we take care of desserts! We are busy and you need to tip at least 15%! People even stiffed on Thanksgiving!!

I went to a craft store to pick up an online order. I was asked to tip. Do you tip or not?

I tip everywhere I go for service, when able. I managed a drink shop and learned very quickly that tips help with moral and a "job well done"

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