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TEXT TOPIC: When people ask for your "Pro Advice" all the time!

I'm an airline pilot and people are always asking if I can get them free flights

working for the IRS I always get questions about taxes. Got multiple calls during the pandemic. I'm not allowed to give any tax advice

Everyone calls me to help them figure their blood labwork results. I find myself Googling stuff I don't remember

I'm an MA, not a dr. I cnt diagnose u. I do not want pics of ur bodily fluids. Cnt say whether u have an STI and no, I'm not going to steal supplies for u

I work in IT everyone wants to know if the computer they are buying is worth it or if I can fix the one they have. Visiting family for the holidays is never a vacation.

I'm an hvac tech. I constantly get people asking me to diagnose a problem without seeing their equipment. Lol just call and make an appointment. Making sounds generally doesn't help me help you.

I'm an office manager at a powersports dealership. People are always asking me for prices on parts. I work in the office not in parts.


I work for Xfinity as a advanced technician- alarm specialist. I get hit up from family, their friends, neighbors. You name it

My poor brother is a mechanic and I am constantly asking him for his tools and he can help me. To be fair some of the stuff requires special tools that I don't have

I'm a nurse. I get asked health questions everyday from friends, fam & neighbors. I don't mind. But for the love of god please people stop asking me about your rash. I don't work in dermatology because rashes give me Heebie-jeebies!!! 🤢. I don't wanna see it!!

I'm a mechanic and I get calls and text all the time about what brands are reliable

I'm a nurse. I get questions all the time. Husband does financial planning and same for him. He hates it

esthetician and I'm always getting asked about what products people should get even though I've never seen their face. Don't know skin type. And have a budget of $4. Girl I don't know.

I work for child support. . Just get the genetic testing save a headache later. And never ever count on that child support payment. We are state employees not miracle workers.

I’m a cloud engineer and prior to that a ton of other stuff in tech. Because of that family has reached out to me for 100s of printer issues, a couple of dozen websites (“you can figure out how to do it, right?”), 100s of Windows troubleshooting issues, THE LIST GOES ON!

I am a licensed massage therapist, people ask me all the time it hurts when I do this what can I do to help. Stop doing that

I work for the IRS, at least once a week. Cough, cough, Frankie. I helped you a while ago

my husband is a police officer. We get phone calls and texts all the time asking him. Custody, traffic ticket, lost cell phone...you name it.

I'm in the medical field and I have had friends text me and ask me about issues that they have. Some I'm Like oh you just need to do this other I'm like you need to talk to your dr.

I've don't HVAC for 7 years. Everyone thinks I'm a plumber

I'm a medical assistant and people are constantly asking me for medical advice like I'm a freaking doctor people call your doctor not me

when I worked for skywest.. everybody thought I just knew how to find them the best flights. I would just say "two words: kayak app" haha

I am a family medicine PA, so I constantly have people calling me and asking me. It's increased significantly with covid

I sell multi million dollars IT solutions to global companies. Everyone I know things I can fix their computer or printer...I have no clue

social media biz owner. Always get asked to grow their following or just tell me how you do it quickly, what's the trick it can't be hard lol

I'm a nurse and people are always asking for advice. What bugs me is when they don't listen. Like why ask if you have no intention on doing what I'm suggesting.

Work for a state court. People always ask me for attorney recommendations which I can't give! Gotta remain neutral

I work for an airline &get asked questions all the time about 🎟prices & what they can bring through TSA

As a Nurse I'm constantly being solicited for my "professional" opinion from friends and family. Usually it's more than I want to know about the person

I'm a cosmetologist and get calls ALL the time for what products people should get to color their hair at home😂 IDK ask the Sally's employee I'm busy.

wound care nurse. I always get hit up by my friends and family when someone gets hurt or they think needs stitches.

My husband does HVAC. Family and friends call all hours. We have also had many random neighbors knock on are door asking for advice or help because of his "billboard like" van he drives. He always goes out and helps, but the one at 9pm was a little late. You not family lol

I've been a makeup artist for 10+ years and people are ALWAYS asking for makeup advice. Including lessons or free makeup!

hubby is mailman ... family asks if he can sell stamps or how much would this package cost to send

I'm a RN and work with old people. I have helped MANY a family member and friend help their older loved ones into the beyond... love it but hate it at the same time

I’m a paralegal in family law. Needless to say, everyone comes to me for advice on how to handle their baby daddy/momma. I cannot give legal advice so I say “that sucks, better call a lawyer” even though I know what they will get told.

im guilty i ask my cousins for med advice because they are nurses....I work for IRS and I get questions all the time. Rarely know the answers because i dont work with individual taxes.

I work for UDOT and I always get friends asking me what’s going on with the roads, or why is traffic backed up. Gets annoying. Side note, it’s snowing! GIVE THE PLOWS ROOM TO CLEAR YOUR LANES! Stay Back, Don’t Crowd Us!!

I am a registered behavior therapist specializing with working with little kids who are on the spectrum. When my extended family found out I started getting questions on how to handle certain situations with their children. These are family members I have not seen in years. Part of my job is spending time with kids to see the behaviors in person I cannot give advice without actually being with the kid. It's so annoying

I'm a psychologist. Everyone wants me to tell them whats wrong with their kid. Old people want me to tell them that kids are anxious because of smartphones

I'm a medical assistant for a gastroenterologist. Several times a week people call or text about their medical problems. People I'm not a doctor!!

my husband is a general contractor. He constantly gets asked by his and my fam and our friends about anything houses

I do family practice and Obstetrics. I also specialize in addiction treatment. That pretty much encompasses EVERYONE! I get calls and texts all the time for medical advice

as a Realtor, everyone wants advice on becoming a Realtor bc it's "so easy to get rich"

my hubby is a plumber. Everyone calls him or neighbors will stop by to ask him to look at stuff. Family is always wanting the hook up. This is his job. He cant just give you free work.

I load trailers for UPS, always get questions from people, where's my package, how do i get it quicker, why is it late? I just loaded trailers people!!

I've worked for an airline for almost 25 years (Frankie I worked with your ex for a hot minute). I'm always getting questions or calls about everything from fare info to tsa questions. Frustrating when so many questions can be answered by a simple google search or people don't realize that ticket prices all depend on what days your traveling, how long you'll stay, one way or round trip, even what time of day you leave so there literally no way to know the price of a ticket. Now it's things like can I upgrade them to help them out with my passes, etc. that's most definitely a no. I don't mind really but people have seemed to forget the web holds the best most up to date info you can find.

I’m a contractor. Everyone wants free remodeling lesson and advice. Advice and direction on fixing home things. They also want my construction CONTACTS! This is my job! If your asking-your stealing that persons time & money!

I used to work at apple so I was getting hit up by people I went to high school with, distant relatives, friends of friends! Free stuff, fix my phone, when’s the new one coming? What is the new one? Made me so mad. Felt super used when people I never would’ve talked to only hit me up for free stuff

I'm a dog trainer, every asks for advice with their dogs but then never follow through with anything so then nothing improves. So I don't help them anymore unless they're going to pay something because it just makes it look like I don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm a financial advisor. I'm happy to give advice but it drives me nuts when people are just wanting me to validate their investment ideas even when I advise against it.

I manage a plastic surgery group and the amount of people who ask for advice or whip their boobs out or ask me to go to the bathroom to look at their boobs is crazy.

I'm an administrative assistant for Huntsman and I always get people asking me for medical advice. I'm like call your DR! Rhonda

ER Nurse. Hate when people ask what's the worst thing I've seen. You want to know about the dead babies!?

I used to work for the driver license division (which, by the way, is totally different from the DMV) but I quit years ago, yet I still get questions about peoples licenses and even get annoying DMV questions... so annoying!

THERAPIST! I totally win

I work for Delta airlines for 10 years and my friends would always ask me questions about upgrades medallion status flight on time what they need for certain countries etc got so annoying

I self published 2 books and people DM me to "pick my brain" about how I did it, can I share my storyboard. So I decided to start my own publishing agency

work in banking always asking rates what they could approve for etc

I am an interior designer. People always ask questions or advice. I don't mind small questions but at a point I am like .. this is what I get paid for people.

I'm hairdresser and i get all the texts when people need help fixing their bad hair I didn't do

I'm a dog groomer and I can't go anywhere without bringing my equipment because everyone needs me to trim something. I just want to come over for dinner!

I work on Ob/gyn...... yep I've seen and heard about everyone's vagina in the building. Questions all the time about what could be going on down there.... everyone's happy to show me 'if I wanna see'

I manage a healthcare clinic. I supervise the financials and organize the staffing. Everybody always asks me how to perform heart surgery or expect me to know all the questions the doctor with a medical degree would know . If your question is an about Microsoft excel spreadsheet, I cannot help you

Human Resource Manager. Negotiating offer letters, employment laws, wrongful terms, hiring tips, everything with jobs

physical therapist and people are always asking why does this hurt? What can I do for my knee, ankle, hip, etc. Drives me nuts, but if you want to pay ill definitely help you! I'm good at what I do, but I don't work for free

I work in news, do taxes And food delivery on the side people ask me anything and everything. It doesn't even matter what time of day 6 AM texts.... they believe I have the golden key to every issue

work in auto sales and have for 15 years. Friends and family will call ask opinion then not buy from me. Then when they have issues after not following advice they want my help

I do eligibility for Medicaid and SNAP benefits so I get lots of questions & asked for help applying. I love helping though especially pregnant women

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