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TEXT TOPIC: What happened to your front tooth?

I was on my way to an activity when I was 12. Riding my scooter caught a lip in the sidewalk and flipped over the front and broke my front tooth in half.

my 1 year old niece knocked her two front baby teeth out on a metal bucket.

trucker SmurfDaddy- Had a strong gust of wind catch my trailer door and rip it off the hook that holds it, it's swung around and hit me in the face knocking out one of my front teeth and completely knocking me out in front of my son LOL kind of hurt

when my hubs was 9 he busted off his front tooth running & jumping down a water slide. It needed a root canal cuz nerve was exposed but his parents didnt take him in right away. His dad made him eat corn on the cob that night while he sat there crying

A kid jumped up underneath my chin and slammed my teeth together and shattered my front right tooth

when brother was like 9 or 10 he was at school and in pe class and they were playing a ball game and his friend pushed him into the brick wall, broke his two front teeth into fangs had to have major dental work

when I was 10 the swing at school hit my tooth then ten years later I got a cavity an it was fixed again. Then I was chewing ice don't do that, the tooth broke off completely now there's an implant there.

In high school I was racing someone out of the mall and ran into the glass door and shattered my two front teeth.

I was 9 we were playing with cousins and she accidently pushed me into those metal fold up chairs and my front tooth is still in that chair

slipped while getting out of the bathtub and smacked my front tooth on the side of the bathtub and chipped my front tooth

a friend of mine in elementary kicked a soccer ball into the face of another boy... causing him to lose BOTH front teeth.

When my sister was 13 she was riding her bike beefed it and went face first into the car door dented the car door and completely took half her tooth off

my son was jumping on a trampoline and one of his friends shot him with an airsoft gun and shot out his front tooth! We found the tooth and the dentist glued it back on and it's been that way now for 10 years, he's 26!

My ex-husband knock it off but I was able to put it back on now which is not a little bit yellowish compared to the other ones

my daughter literally on Tuesday ran into a pole at school & broke off her front tooth & a bottom tooth. YIKES. Got it fixed yesterday.

i was runnin around my grandmas house with a toy shield and tripped. The sheild and my mouth met for the first time snd it completley knocked out my 2 front teeth. Of course it was when the entire family was there for a christmas party

When I was 5 I was running down the sidewalk with my little sister on my back. I tripped and face planted. Broke both my front teeth in half. We were pretty poor, so I couldn't get them capped until right before I got braces at 12. It was a rough 7 years.

I lost half of my front tooth from a chain on a swing! I was probably 10. I still had to go to school for two days until I could get into the dentist. haha it was so embarrassing! A lot of nicknames! TRAUMA LOL

husband kicked son(3) in the mouth & knocked out his 2 front teeth

my sis killed her front tooth bouncing on a bed on vacation. She landed on her butt her knee flew back towards her face as she leaned forward her knee slammed right into her mouth.

my friend was at a party and tripped with a beer bottle in her hand and the glass hit and brok her front tooth😬. Another story, my cousin (age10) was swinging on my hammock and fell out and hit her tooth on the concrete, broke off. It was sad

lost a few front teeth because of lots of chemo and radiation from Cancer treatments. So now I feel like everyone that looks at me thinks "oh look at that meth head"

I've had the fake tooth before the fake,real one entirely fall out in high school. the filing that I had in the other one fell out about a week ago & I'm finally getting it fixed tomorrow

My child fell face first off a swing and landed on a tree root. She knocked in her front tooth and the side one bit through her lip. She lost her front tooth. thank goodness it was a baby tooth!

My front tooth..... I was at work seeing patients but eating lemon heads to help with the morning sickness nausea (it helps). I bit down in the candy and broke my front tooth. I canceled all the rest of the appointments and headed straight to the dentist

when I was 8. I was riding my bike and look down to see how fast I was going. Ran into a parked car. Knocked out both my teeth. Ran in to the house and yelled I got hit by a car! I was a bit tramatized, so I said it wrong. My mom was horrified

In elementary I was swinging on a bar at recess and came up and hit my mouth on the bar breaking both my front teeth in half. It wouldn't have been too big of deal had it been my baby teeth but by this age they were my permanent teeth. Luckily it was an easy fix but I still have to get them touched up and renewed every few years. Thanks to amazing dentist who make them look good.

I coached my son's baseball team. Long story but I got hit in the face with a line drive from a very large kid. Broke my upper jaw and the roots on my front teeth. They were hanging by a thread. Months and several visits to the dentist, but we were able to save them!

My son was wrestling with his cousin his teeth bashed against my nephews head broke both front teeth in half! They were permanent teeth too

play fighting with my cousin, holding a metal baseball bat, he popped it up right as I ducked and it cracked my front tooth in half. extremely intense pain

When I was younger my next door neighbor was doing a wheelie on his bike, when he came down he smacked his face on the bar and knocked both front teeth out the dentist would've been able to save them if he put them in milk.

I tripped and hit my front teeth on a porch and knocked them up into my nose when I was 2. Had to have them pulled out, wore a flipper for years and now at 33 have straight, beautiful teeth with no braces! But ouch!

my daughter was five when she slipped and ate concrete Poor sweetie had to have her two front teeth pulled the day after because they would have abscessed. I cried more than she did!!!

Pillow fight & my bro was on top of the bunk bed. I smacked him w/ the pillow and his front teeth slammed on the metal bar. 2 front teeth snapped in ½

I was playing baseball with cousins and friends. I was playing "catcher", my cousin swung, hit me in the mouth. I had a "bruised" tooth for like 3 years before it fell out. Thank god it was a baby tooth

My mom's teeth crumble & fell apart until she got dentures. I got her teeth which mine chipped away until most were floating & were pulled. 8 teeth left.

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