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TEXT TOPIC: When is the last time you hung up on someone and why?

I answered my cousins call and was like "hey" and nothing until I heard moaning and was like wth? And heard him say you like Mr. spanky? I hung up

hung up on my sister 2 years ago and haven't spoken since. Accusing me of lying and calling me nasty names. She called back groveling and I refuse to be put back that situation.

I work in health insurance and I hung up on a member after repeatedly letting him know what he needed to send in to verify some very suspicious claims he created and filled. All he wanted to do was yell at me. I don't have to take that from anyone and his account is now flagged. Be nice to those who are trying to help you.

hung up on my mom recently because she called for my opinion on something and then tried to get after me because she didn't like it

Hung up on a customer who was acting like a giant sexist

I work in law enforcement and my family is biracial.. My brother and I would get into it about those 2 subjects and have disagreements have disagreements it's been 10 years since I Hung up that phone.

I have been getting a lot of spam calls lately and I answered one of them not thinking it was a spam caller. As soon as they started and I realized what it was I yelled at him and then hung up

Got a Medicaid call. Spam of course, my husband called him out he started saying all the ways he would harm our daughter. Click. I was livid at the jerk.

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