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TEXT TOPIC: What happened when the substitute was there?

my junior year I had a sub pump breast milk in class while we were watching a movie

had a sub for a biology class and the teacher mid lecture ended up joking about how his child passing away from drowning, and how beautiful his wife is and can't wait for a new child. We were 16 at the time

6th grade highland middle school I had a sub that was trying to get students to fight and ended up encouraging myself and another kid go fight in the hallway so he could watch. Was my first fight I had ever been in. Let's say after all was done. The sub wasn't allowed to sub anymore.

had a student substitute in jr high (he was in college) and the superintendent came in without him noticing. He was oddly flustered while lecturing. Accidentally used a permanent marker on the whiteboard and when he tried to wipe it off, quite literally yelled "oh f*** me, son of a f****** b****" in front of 13 year olds and the superintendent who was reviewing his job performance

had a substitute teacher in high school that would always wear a different color wig every time he came in to sub a class 🤣 he was like 70 years old so it was hilarious

My daughter had a substitute before the break for Thanksgiving. And we have her opted out of having to wear a mask. In class, this sub berated her and other mask less students in class. Going as far as calling them "murderers" Yeah, a phone call the next day to school and I was promised he would not be subbing anymore at the school because other parents had complained as well.

had a substitute teacher come in and started screaming how to correctly spell his name as he wrote it out on the white board. I raised my hand and asked how to spell his name and he kicked me out of class.

we had a sub tell us he was a sniper. He then told us about all of the people he had killed.

when I was in fifth grade a classmate of mine got into an argument with the substitute teacher. She started swinging her arm and her hair got caught in the sub's hair. She thought the sub was trying to hit her so she backhanded the sub.

my 13 year old son in 7th grade has a sub. The sub apparently was making fun of him and his friend for being short. My son double birded her, grabbed his friend and told her to "FO bully teacher". The sub called me to let me know what happened and accepted full responsibility.

second day of being a sub I ended up in the class form hell!! I spoke to a boy in the class that I knew at the end of the day. He had been the worst of all of them. I explained to him that I had hoped he would be most helpful and asked why he wasn’t. He said - I don't like subs. The teacher said this was her first to put her in tears after 20 years.

I once had a substitute teacher in high school come in drunk and she Peed on her self on the teachers chair and the police had to escort her out of the building

sub named Mrs Martin in 4th grade. Bright red lipstick... on her teeth..she was MEAN! Mrs Martin came a fartin' was a common chant.

graduated HS in 2000. I was a jr when this happened. The sub decided to set a ball of rubber glue on fire on top of the teachers desk

sub at a deaf school, and I'm still not quite fluent in asl yet(currently in college for it). My first day there I couldn't understand most of what the kids where saying and I was so embarrassed. I'm getting better but I'm still learning a lot

I'm 35&still remember&HATE this sub I had in 4th grade.A boy throwing paper balls made her real mad&she snapped, started shouting@all of us that we were failure&wastes of our parents money.Made the whole class stay in@recess.I told the principal about it&he brushed me off.Jerk.Made me scared of teachers for a long time.

sub in HS. If we’d bring him a treat when we came back we could leave class. He subbed a lot. Kids blew up a toilet in the bathroom. He never came

had a sub that got fired for having a only fans account

in jr high all girl choirs class we had a "good looking young man" sub. He started giving dating advice and how to get boys to hold your hands and gets kisses.. etc. he wasn't back the next day. Also, in high school we had an old guy subbing. He was spinning in the chair and leaning back and hit into a book case and knocked the whole book shelf over on top of himself hahaha, he wasn't injured.. well besides his pride

I work at schools we had a sub drag a special needs kid to "time out", another lady was half naked, the last one put a kid in a hold. Wtf

we had a regular sub at our middle school, when my friends and I were walking home one day he ran a light and hit our friend that was lagging behind in a cross walk the next time he was dubbed the red light bandit.

My last name is Campbell and the sub was doing roll and she came up to me and said Campbell I should just call you umm umm good and I said more like lawsuit. She didn't talk to me the rest of of the class

in elementary I had a sub teacher that was like 70 years old she would wear crazy sweaters and fancy hair. She had a giant ALIVE Beetle that had a gem chain/leash that attached to a fancy button clip on her shirt and it would just walk away! Everyone loved it yet was creepes out as well

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