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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

Hey Jen you suck! You're a liar and the worst boss we've ever had. If you think you can just change our schedule without even telling your employees you got another thing comin. I QUIT bitch!!

my wife has surgery scheduled tomorrow and my work not only won't let me have the day off to be there but wants to write me up for the one day I missed because I had to take her to the ER. F U

Hey "boss" since you only have your position because you're A yes-man, stay out of my business and let me do my job Instead of kissing everybody's asses because their feelings get hurt because they're held accountable.

you keep playing like your the victim and can't understand why people are talking about you. YOU are! You tell everyone your business then act like the victim, stabbing those who have been there for you in the back. We see it, we know it. Karma will catch up sadly

I know you scheduled your induction on my sons birthday on purpose. Then when I call you on it you're an A-hole? Nope. Goodbye. Have a nice life you selfish awful person

Stop manipulating your child, Stop guilting him, start learning about him and the way his brain works and start take responsibility for YOUR actions!!!

PAT to all the nosey ass looky-loo Karen's in my neighborhood. Stop looking over my fence from the playground to see what we're doing in our backyard. Don't report us to the HOA about putting in a pool. We're doing everything to code, permits from the city etc. The HOA is aware and we don't need you tattling. Don't hate us for making the best use of our yard!!

Just because you never get consequences for your actions, ding dong... here is your consequence. Stay away from my family

people saying "stop THEN go" instead of "stop & go" ;) it makes me mental

dear team leads, please stop contradicting each other when it comes to work procedures. Also, if this month was expected to be slow because it's apparently normal, you should've given us a warning since we all don't get paid unless there is work to do. Not cool around the holidays

to my CM if you would do your work instead of complaining about work you might actually get your work done.

Family STOP asking us to come home for the holidays. We would if we could! It's way too expensive. We live across the country. If you want us to, you pay

Stay in you f%&*<@% "Lane" I know how to do my job. I don't need you constantly overstepping to make sure I know what I am doing. I have been doing this job for 20 years and have been very successful. I am welcomed to your thoughts but you do your job and i will do mine and WE will be successful for our boss

to my sister-in-law who speaks for everyone in the family. I know I've only been in the picture for a few years ( newly married) but that doesn't mean I don't have a say or voice. Let other people express their opinions or talk in general. It's not always about you and you're not approachable or loyal . You're petty and rude. This is why you change friends like you change your underwear.

One more. Work starts at 8a not 8:45 - 9:15 whenever you stroll in. YOU'RE the boss. Act like it!!

why don't you ask me how I'm feeling on my new meds Instead of asking me how much longer till I'm pregnant with them.

Reminder that in Utah you can pull forward to turn left at a blinking yellow light

To the person in HR for my new job. I have done everything I need to do and have been waiting 3 months. Get off your butt and do your job. I am anxiously waiting to start my new job.

Hubs. You continue to fail to communicate with me on important issues. When I tell you the you DID NOT talk to me about something, apologize for your shitty attitude. It’s not like I love arguing with you and had I known the info, an argument wouldn’t have started. Sorry bout your day…not!

Remember how I said I would quit? Oh look at that I have an interview next Wednesday!

your silence speaks volumes about how supportive you claim to be to your grandkid that just came out as trans.

stop saying “yeah” or “um” every 2 seconds when you talk.

I WILL MATCH YOUR ENERGY PERIOD .. no more passes. Just because I'm married to your dad

just because we went to high school together it does not mean you can write me 10 years later for veterinary advice. Take your animals to the vet, people. I can't diagnose your pet over texts. :)

to my sister-in-law who thinks that my life is going to stop because she keeps talking bad about me to everybody guess what I'm happy sorry that you're miserable and that you're a bad person but I'm not gonna drop and cry for rumors from people that I could care less about Karma will come in but you have a merry Christmas

There's a reason my availability ends @10pm, I have a 2nd job I'm up @5am for, stop schedulin me til midnight! I'm tired!

don't get mad that your family called me about your aunt passing, I have a relationship with them and I'm heartbroken over it, when was the last time you called and talked to them? I'm not going to deny my kids love and affection if you like them or not they want to be involved.

my hubby asked me loudly in public if I was "monsterating" Because I was cranky! I asked him if he had a death wish? Btw been listening since 98. Work out every morning to the show! Merry Christmas just love you guys

Remember faxes do take a few minutes to come through and I have to find the phone number to call to ask for the fax. I'm not magic I can't just make it appear right when you need it.

hey mother, your non stop negativity is killing me. You complain about your sister who is always negative. News flash, you are just a bad if not worse

Please, for the LOVE, SHUT YOUR 3 DOGS UP. They bark RIGHT OUTSIDE our bedroom window at all hours of the day, and all hours of the night. They have woken us up TOO MANY TIMES. It's not just a bark either it turns into a nasty howl too. (Any advice Frankie and Jess?)

This is to my M.I.L No because you say sorry, your daughter it's going to act like nothing happened. It has been almost a year and you never ask if she needed something... its going to be a long road so she can forgive you.

Lil bro. U KNOW I luv u but my GAWD! Ur a 35 yr old husband & father! Enough w/the drugs & BS! Take responsibility! And NO. It is NVR ok to show up at my home after 12am on a school night & bang on every door & window in the house looking for "a place to crash" til 4am. U scared the sh#t outta my kids, my dog, myself & almost got the cops called on u. NOT F'n COOL!!

dear boyfriend, I love you so much but please stop using your experience to relate to what I went through. Just because you seem okay with your traumatic past, doesn't mean that I don't have things in mine that are difficult to work on in therapy

people are stupid!

Dear Camille and Tristan. As your wedding photographer, Thank you for showing me your true colors and Your disrespect and for using some of my photos for monetary gain and for the way you treated me in your wedding. Just deleted 1055 photos. Your welcome

46 is a good age to stop tattling. If you have an issue with me, don't pretend everything is ok and then go crying to momma. Talk it out like a grown-up.

dear in-laws don't send a passive aggressive text on the family chat on Thanksgiving morning coming at me and expect me not to have my feelings hurt. Yes I have a little bit cruder sense of humor then you are used to, but I am nowhere near as bad as I could be. I really hold it back when I am around you. Keep in mind I'm more PG-13 than R

There’s a merging lane on the freeway 4 a reason. The faster I go to merge in the faster u go to run me off the road. Quit being a Jerk & let cars in.

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