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TEXT TOPIC: What is the going rate for allowance?

I'm 41 now, but when I was younger I got $20

kids don't need an allowance to help around there house

Jessica it should be more a week. You pay for hard work to give him an understanding of how it pays off and get him to save. We would pay every other week like a real job

$20 a week

I didn't grow up with an allowance. If I wanted it I had to work for it. Started getting neighborhood jobs around 10 years old to support my arcade habit. 12 bucks or taken to a movie on the weekend!

no one gets allowance. They are learning responsibilities that we all have living in the same house. I dont get paid for cleaning my house or room

nah jess that $50 a week?? ridiculous are those ppl rich lol maybe a solid 15 to 20 since your always buying him stuff 15 sounds good

frankie, if you're going to do allowance you need to have George Lopez's audio bit on allowance. You will laugh your butt off. I allow you to live....

We pay our 6yo $1 per chore that is done, we don't pay her for things that are already her responsibility, such as her room.

My daughter is also an only child & up until she turned 16 in August, she got $20/week. Her chores: empty dishwasher & take out trash & recycling.

Our allowance matched our age. 15-15 dollars 8-8 dollars

Living under my roof for free is their allowance.

I can't believe people are getting all over you Jess that sounds like a lot to me. My kids had to do a lot of work and we never gave them an allowance but when they went somewhere we gave them money.

The kids get however old they are per month. So if they are 10, they get $10.

I had to get a job if I wanted money. Same things with my kids they get to live and have a roof over their heads

frankie and jess. I grew up without an allowance. But we could do extra chores to earn money but it wasn't much. I could match pairs of socks for a penny of pair. If I could fill a ice cream bucket of of dandelions from the yard 25 sets.

My family requires one chore a day then any extra chore we do is 5 dollars. But no set allowance

It was $10/week!

Frankie and Jess. I had a friend who growing up would get $5 every week in elementary school. $10 in middle school. And then 15 or 20 when she was in high school.

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