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TEXT TOPIC: How did your spouse embarass you?

my hubby asked me loudly in public if I was "monsterating" Because I was cranky! I asked him if he had a death wish? Btw been listening since 98. Work out every morning to the show! Merry Christmas just love you guys

it was NYE, I was 8mo prego and couldn't drink with friends. At the St Regis they had a dance party going on. My hubby decided to dance on TOP of my chair and aggressively hump my head in time to the music. I was so mad and embarrassed. Needless to say he didn't do that again!

I was the one to embarrass him- we were at breakfast with my family and I turned around really quickly and my elbow hit my full glass of water and it spilled all over his lap. He had to sit there the rest of the morning looking like he peed his pants- he was so mad hahaha

I pretended to be sick at my MIL's because the food looked gross. My husband called me out in front of the whole fam and said it's because I'm picky.

While at my mother-in-law's home I told her I really liked the gift she gave me for my birthday...my wife then blurts out, "Ha, you told me you'd never use it!" I didn't know what to say... she is such a sweet mother-in-law...so my laughter just trailed off and I left the room

my husband is VERY anti vacc he got into a huge debate with my dad (who's a dr) and literally started yelling "you want my kids to die" I was mortified

A few years ago I was fired - did nothing wrong but was very embarrassed and Hadn't told anyone. having dinner with my wife's entire family & she announced to everyone that I had been fired.

I've been married to my husband for 11 years and I still hate pooping at his parents house. One time my stomach wasn't feeling well so I had to go. After I was done and I came back to the front room and my husband says, in front of everyone, "geez what took so long?? Were you taking a big dump or something?!" I was so embarrassed!

My hubs takes the most unflattering pics/vids of me when I'm unaware and always posts them on social media for his # WCW

my wife embarrassed me. I met up with my parents at my home to give my dad some tools. I invited him in. And my wife didn't know but yelled from the living room I'm ready to have you take me completely. She was in lingerie And candles everywhere.

Again at my mother in law's having dinner, I'm not a seafood guy at all, but she spent so much time so I ate! I said, "This is so delicious!"...my wife, "You hate seafood." THERE ARE SO MANY!!! She wonders why I struggle communicating! Its to protect myself!

I remembered I embarrassed my spouse by bringing a Pepsi can to a restaurant cause I love my Pepsi and most places don't have it so I reached into my pocket and pulled a Pepsi out lol

I had a cousin that regifted to me at my bridal shower a nighty. It had stains on it 🤮 I asked her in front of everyone if she had already worn it. She had no comment.

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