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TEXT TOPIC: What do you want your ex to give back to you?

I couldn't get my boudoir photos back until he get married again

my male ex bought me girl toys for the bedroom and then took them when we broke up..

I'd love my Christmas and holiday decorations back from my ex husband. I left in 2016 after leaving 6 times (abusive marriage) so did take a lot. Clothes, some kitchen stuff and my dog. But I had probably 20 bins of Christmas decorations. I'm slowly buying to replace it all but still missing a bunch

My ex was all about hiking & backpacking. I bought a sleeping bag & travel stove, which he still has. Not to mention my inhaler. 😑 It's been over 3 years. A-hole!

ex has $6k I lent him... lol!! So annoying

My ex husband has the wedding wring my dad gave my mom. He probably trashed it

wish my ex would give me the baby pictures of our two children. I have none. He took the computer with everything. He took all the expensive things. And I left with zero "things" but full custody. So I still won

27 years ago I dated a guy who wanted to borrow money and gave me his and his son's sport card collection (Karl Malone rookie card). He never paid me back.bI feel bad and I still have his and his son's cards in case he ever tries to find me. He has a super common name, and I have been unable to find him

A girl my husband used to hook up with has his dog tags from his service. He asked for them back several times but she would never give them back. Sad because those are obviously irreplaceable.

apparently I have his favorite levi's but I'm sure he can't wear them in prison

Everything he packed (stole) in his car that's mine. I just need to find his police impounded car or wait til the US Marshals are done with the evidence.

my ex partner has a vintage love poem book that my grandpa wrote little notes in for my grandma. Had it for 15 years and won't give it back

I wIsh I could get back the 4 yrs I wasted & my Foo Fighters T-shirt You didn't even go to the concert with me JARED!

All my family Christmas decor that my mom made and we had at my childhood home my entire life she kept and my dog. She won't give him back

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