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TEXT TOPIC: Who Has a Stressful Pet Situation?

We got our new puppy last Feb. my hubby didn't want to get the dog so soon as our toddler had just turned 3. It was so hard! At one point my man said well this is our lives now, a living nightmare! He apologized later but seeing as how I pushed for the dog I did feel responsible for the 3 months of hell we had ❤️

I was trying to get out of dinner with one of friends because she's crazy so I told her I had to work and well she's ended up coming to my work and I wasn't there. We aren't friends anymore 😬🤣

My fiance came into my home with my 2 cats, 2 kids, and my dog. He just recently decided he wanted a new puppy and weve had him for about 4 months now. And 2 floors being eaten/ torn up and replaced by the puppy. The fiance lets the dogs get away with everything! Now my older dog doesnt really listen like she used to. Ive offered to re- home his puppy a few times.

My son lost his house and left his dog with me. He's a sweet dog, but I didn't really need another animal to take care of. He doesn't even take care of him when he's here. Very frustrating. Not sure what to do.

Hopefully you read this before my husband hops on😬. I have many stories but the short version, my husband's dog keeps trying kill my dog. She always goes for his throat and I'm sick of it. If my dog is not around she's a sweetheart but that's not the case. I want to get rid of her but that's a sore subject lol

My husband let's our puppy clean the kids food off the table when they're done. now she's taking their food as they eat! DRIVES ME NUTS.

We have a mini golden doodle since March.. Moved into a new home too but in April.. She was for our 13year old son.. Responsibilities were his.. She sleeps with him I do the rest.. It's a fight to even get him to walk her to go potty.. Such an inconvenience for him! Don't get me started on food, to top it off and likes to eat her poop then projectile vomit all day, no way he will help clean up 😂

Got a new puppy last January when we moved to a new house. Hubby is obsessed with having a nice lawn and she keeps digging holes. He wants to get rid of her. Also still struggling with potty training. She will be 1 year old tomorrow.

My adult son bought a dog 18 months ago. I LOVE the dog but he is a HIGH energy dog. He doesn't just need to go on walks he needs Daily Runs. My son moved out and left the dog. I thought GREAT I will see him often as he must come to excersise the dog. NOT HAPPENING.

Our 10 month old boxer defends hubby to point where I can't even smack his but without her trying to pull or push me away from him.

We got a toy poodle awhile back and he got him brand new. So as a puppy he got into E V E R Y T H I N G. He got into the bathroom garbage that me and my 3 other sisters shared and he ate someone's tampon. We weren't sure who it was because we're all synced during that time of the month. Being already overly emotional we all thought he was going to die and were sobbing and blaming each other that someone murdered the dog. The dog is fine & it's funny to look back on now 😂

We are fighting over the fact that we have 3 puppies we can't find homes for he wants to surrender them and I don't it was our mistake (covid pushed the spay out and kids didn't listen)

We bought a house with my mother-in-law. She has chickens... She does not eat their eggs. Just pets. Well they have caused us issues with mice and snakes, and now of course the mice figured out how to get into the house and she refuses to get rid of them even for the safety for our kids.

Pets. Just moved and cat got out the other day. Wife found him but he went crazy on her and ended up at urgent care on sunday

Our family pet passed away a year ago. We are not strongly discussing a new puppy. We are 30 years married. First time w/o a pet and two strong opinions.

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