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TEXT TOPIC: What excuse did you use to get out of something?

My husband and I have a deal that we can always use each other as an "excuse" to get out of things we aren't feeling like going to. We have a problem where we say yes and are excited about it until the day comes and we are like... "That sounds terrible!"

Back in January 2014 when the swine flu was an issue, I'm pretty sure my mom used it as an excuse not to come to my wedding reception because she didn't want to see my dad and his side of the family. None of my family could come into temple for the ceremony but she didn't wait outside either.

Have to be careful what I say since family listens! But I use headaches and not feeling well as excuses to get out of a lot of functions.

I faked a heart attack just to get out of work cause I couldn't stand my boss. I guess Karma really is a bitch cause now I have terminal cancer and wanna work but can't.

My husband's Grandma is Queen of guilt trip. I told her we couldn't make it to Thanksgiving because the kids were sick and we needed to make sure it wasn't covid. The kids do have colds, but we just don't like the grandparents.

I told my family we couldn't come to holiday thing as my daughter was in a mood. She's autistic and has violent meltdowns... it was real. But she calmed down and we could have gone to the event but just didn't want to trigger her or deal with my family.

I’ve done this to get out of a few dates but i say that i got into a car crash. yes it’s wrong I know. but I say I got a minor concussion. it needs to stop being a habit.

My wife just blames me and says I don't want to go lol

I was trying to get out of dinner with one of friends because she's crazy so I told her I had to work and well she's ended up coming to my work and I wasn't there. We aren't friends anymore 😬🤣

My Dr was going to induce me the next week, but I asked her if she would induce me that day, so I didn't have to go back to work while the director I didn't like was in town.

I use the excuse I can't find a sitter for dates I don't want to go on yet I really didn't look for ine so I knew I wouldn't have one.

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