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TEXT TOPIC: What thing did your little kid take literally?

I told my son he was pissing me off and he went and cried to my daughter "mom said she's gonna pee on me"

used to tell my son if he shook it more than twice he was playing with it. For months he would be in the bathroom and you could hear him counting, one and two.

My 2 year old was in the tub and his skin pruned, I told him he was turning into a robot. Every time after that OH NO ROBOT!!

I said "oh no, you're dad is going to kill me". My daughter who was about 3 at the time started sobbing. When I asked her why she said she didn't want me to die and dad will go to jail for killing you.

my 2 y/o & I were looking at pics on a digital frame when a pic of me prego came up. I said there you are in my tummy. Horrified she said, "you eat me?"

4 y.o. son had to urgently poop right as we got to target. Told him to squeeze his cheeks together. He grabbed his butt with both hands & ran all the way into target hands on cheeks.

my son was 6 and overheard to news talking about a serial killer looking very confused he looked at me and said "wait, you can kill cereal?!"

when I was kid, my mom said I'm losing my patients with you! I replied "I didn't know you were a dr?" My family still laughs about it to this day

explaining to my son y I couldnt do something "because mommy's Boss is a Witch... So now he still think she's a mean witch that has powers lol

my daughter and I were talking about making babies, 2yo gkid says.. you make me in a pan?

Went to the zoo and I pointed out the toucan to my 3 year old. She asked where the one can and three can went.

I always tell my grandchildren that grandpa's gonna have a cow when he finds out we did something and my youngest grandson says I want to see grandpa's cows

I collapsed on the bed super tired and said, "Oh my gosh I'm dead!" My 5 year old son says...Mommy, you're not dead! You can't die! (w/ tears in his eyes)

My son who is the same age as Axel also says the same thing about Miami! My husband and I are taking a trip there in Jan, and my son said "when are we going to our-ami?" We told him just mom and dad are going and he said "oh, so it's YOUR-ami!"

I asked my niece what she wanted for her bday. She gave me a list of Disney's Incredibles merch she wanted. I said, so anything Incredibles will be a hit. She said, don't hit me! I'll cry!

When my daughter was five, our cat went missing. While looking for him, I told my daughter to keep her eyes open. Literally, like two minutes later, she asked, "What if I have to blink?" 😂 P.S. We found the cat

I have a 3 almost 4 year daughter. When she gets sassy I say "I'm gonna take you outside." Like as in a "fight" she will say "yes! Let's go to the park!" Or recently "no mama it's too cold!"

Coming home from the airport and my son had to pee. We told him to hold it. He looks at me disgusted and says eww that's gross. He was 3.

when I was a kid somebody at church pretended to steal my nose, that game where you pinch someone's nose and then your thumb looks like their nose. I was a very innocent naïve kid and I really thought he had done it! I was hysterical at home after church because I thought I didn't have a nose. My parents had to call him and get him to give my nose back over the phone!

When my brother was little, my dad told him his shoes were on the wrong feet. Brother responded, "nuh uh. These are my feet."

when I was little I asked my mom for money to go get candy from the little market down the street. She said I only have $5 so let me break it and I'll give you some. I took the $5 and ripped it saying you mean this?

when my daughter was 5, her grandma sat on the couch and said "I'm pooped" and my daughter said "then go to the bathroom grandma"

my daughter is in ballet 🩰 she had her first dance last month. She's 6 and I told her "hey Olivia break a leg out there" and she turns and says "but if I do I'll be in the hospital and I won't be able to dance anymore and I'll be in a cast"

my son and his cousins were fighting over a Nintendo switch so I told them to take it outside. So my son marched the switch outside and put it on the swing set

I tell my husband to turn left my daughter said:" no mommy please dont choose the left, Heavenly Father always wants us to choose the right". I coultnt say turn left for 1 year

Helping my son get dressed he went over to close the door I said to him you don't need to close the door there's nobody here and he said to me but I'm here

bon Jovi has a song that has monkey on my back in it, my son told me he did not want to have a monkey on his back.

Dads truck died mid-left turn on a busy intersection. My dad yelled F WHAT A PLACE TO DIE!! I thought we'd have to be buried mid-intersection & I'd never see my mom again because we were dying. I started bawling!! Chaos!

My son used to say "I need a tish-me" instead of tissue (tish-YOU)

neighbor building house near us, daughter heard us talking about it being 3 stories high. She then told Gma that our neighbor's house "is 3 books tall!"

When I tell my two year old "I'm gonna kick your butt" playing around. He covers his butt and says "no my butt"

when I was little saying the alphabet instead of saying W double you, I would say double me

I was going to give the grandkids a bath and I said I had to go in and get the water to throw her into the bath and she's like don't throw me grandma

when my little brother was around 4 or 5, my mom said, "Oh! Brrr! It's chili!" And then my brother lost it because he couldn't see the chili and wanted some to eat. Hahah

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