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TEXT TOPIC: What little thing sets you off?

When my family see trash on the floor and they don't pick it up. And the trash can 🗑 is a foot away.

Don't squeeze the toothpaste in the middle! Drives me nuts. Squeeze from the bottom, you're a girl. You should know better.

when my daughter or best friend visit they leave the plug thing up on the tub spout so when I turn the water on it comes shooting out of the shower head

Missing the garbage can when throwing something away and having to bend over and pick it up to throw it away.

Going the restroom and finding an empty TP sitting on the top of the empty roll. . WHY

As a teacher... every time some student does the "wait what are we doing?" Whether I've given 5 or 20 minutes of instructions... I have to stop myself from getting ghetto every time

What sets me off is when i go to dry my hands after washing them and the towel is gone and no one replaced it.

when clean clothes get out back in the hamper after they're washed before folding them

What sets me off is the oven clock when the power goes out it and comes back on it flashes and especially changing it on daylight savings

cars crossing the double white line in and out of the car pool lane! I CAN'T STAND IT!

Stupid Utah Drivers set me off! Not stopping at stop signs, rolling through red light when making a right turn, and driving too fast in a grocery parking lot.

Nothing sets me off like my Google Home. I have the basic pod on my night stand. I use it to turn my TV, lights and set alarms. So when my alarm goes off at 5 am and I'm screaming HEY GOOGLE TURN OFF at the top of my lungs and it doesn't respond. But yet, in a different room, I could whisper, hey Google and the pod in my room hears me

just bought two new pairs of jeans. Same size I've bought for the last decade plus. They don't fit! 😡 I'm too fat for this size now. What the Eff! Gonna pull a Seinfeld on the tag.

I cannot stand it when people trim their nails at work. It's disgusting! Do that at home people!

When my hair gets caught in the car window after I roll it up.

idk why, but I get set off when anyone taps me on the shoulder. I'm described as chill and calm, but it takes everything in me to keep my cool after a shoulder tap.

other people dipping their cookies in my milk. It bugs me so much

when people drag there feet cmon shoes are expensive smh

I get set off SO BAD when my cubical neighbor at work hums church hymns. I'm all for Jesus and church but not at work!!! It seriously makes me homicidal and I have to leave my desk.

Being called buddy. For some reason I connected to someone who thinks they're higher or above them

I get triggered when people touch my face. Don't invade my space! Except for my pet

My dad turns off lights while me and/or my mom are still IN THE ROOM

when you are trying to listen to a playlist on YouTube and 1/2 hour at pop-up for weight loss

lights being left on

forgetting my sunglasses in the morning. I'm a truck driver and need them since I had lasik surgery

My kids will leave a tiny bit of something in the package/container to avoid throwing it away. God forbid they eat that last spoonful of ice cream, 1 last cracker or last sip of milk. Nope, they will leave it so that they don't have to take care of it.

when my q-tip doesn't make it in the trash

chewing gum. When you're done with it put it in a freaking garbage can

people turning left and swinging wide into the outside lane

things that trigger me: being honked at, people "laugh" reacting when news stations post anything about covid (people are dying!! Stop being rude).

it's not like it's an assigned parking spot, but when everyone else parks in the their same spot every day, why do you have to be a idgit and park in "my spot" Randomly!!!

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