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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

PAT- Shoes are meant to be walked in! Some of you are obsessed with not getting a crease in them & you look ridiculous walking around like a damn penguin

hey married men out there: don't dm me nude pics. I'm pretty sure your wife would not appreciate it. 2: know your social limits and don't take it out on me. You're a jerk! Both stories resulted in friendships ended!

People. That's it. People. And they're everywhere!

Pedestrians downtown, use the damn cross walk. Do you have a death wish? Also go back to kindergarten and learn to look both ways. I don't wanna hit a human

take the DAMN Shopping carts back in the store or the return cart place. Don't leave it in a parking spot!

hey in laws just get a divorce! You're all ready "split up" and you're causing more issues for everybody in the family. Making everything so awkward

I love my sister but her fake-ness is driving everyone crazy! Quit being what you think people want you to be and just be you! It's so irritating!

can we all just be nicer to people. Too much hate right now. Everyone needs to calm down a bit.

Your kids are the way they are because of your parenting! You SUCK!

dear boss, she is not nor will she ever get better. Stop taking my resources away to assist her. You are stunting my growth within the company.

grrr I don't get why people clap at the end of a movie, what is that??? It's not like anyone that had anything to do with the movie is there so who does the clapping benefit?!?!???

I'm glad our friendship ended cuz you only needed me when it was convenient for you! Good riddance!

dear wife nothing that I do makes u happy am at the point where I want to end this. But I know you’ll take my kid away from me and move back to LA.

Hey goofy in Washington terrace. Hope you feel great about flipping off the garbage man doing his job

if you or your child are not over you're a terrible cough please don't come to a restaurant. Stay home. We are still in a pandemic!

if you or your child are not over you're a terrible cough please don't come to a restaurant. Stay home. We are still in a pandemic!

get your heads out of your butts. Grow up. Get over your stuff and PARENT YOUR KIDS! Get off the couch! Stop being selfish.

I hired you and you're a great worker and friend. You knew the day you got hired that the covid vaccine was mandatory being that we work at a hospital. NOW you're dragging your feet and don't seem to care about getting the shot in time and I'm pretty sure you're just wanting to make money until Friday and then you'll leave!! You see first hand why I'm working 70 hour weeks and how short staffed we are. Please don't waste my time training you! If you're not going to get the vaccine that's fine, but be gone already.

Do u think no one notices that every pre Thanksgiving if you don't get the time off you call in sick grow the hell up and don't think your the only one that wants the time off to!

Dear parent. If you want to be closer to me. Maybe put more effort towards a relationship with me. Not just say i wish i was closer.

You don't have borderline personality disorder! Bish you just crazy! And treat your husband better! Then maybe he'll quit cheating on you! I'm tired of listening to you WHINE about it EVERYDAY!

dear Felix. Do your damn job. Stop disappearing for hours at a time and refusing to help customers because you're lazy. And PS showing up to work with hickeys on your neck is gross

Please take the sign off your house that says "F off kindly". Those two words do not go together.

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