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TEXT TOPIC: What happened on your mission?

my companion was a terror. She flirted with guys. She got caught making out a few times. She snuck out at night

lost almost everything when our apartment caught fire. Wasn't home. Police left before we came home. We came home to a burnt couch on the lawn

not me but one of the missionaries in Austin TX YSA ward around 2012 was in a different area before where he was stabbed in the leg with a fork. The lady who stabbed him was mumbling about demons and such. She was mentally ill but he was fine in the end.

I served my mission in NY and while I was serving in Staten Island I had eggs thrown at us and a Molotov cocktail thrown at our car on the same day we moved into the apartment.

husband served a mission in Sydney. Walked into an apartment that felt evil downright dark & scary, left shortly after. They saw something he still won't talk about

Mission...comp came out to me as he then tried to kiss me. Reflexes...I punched him...felt bad. When he came around, he said he wanted to be straight and just broke down. I told him to be himself and not change but to not assume I was cool with him trying to kiss me. We got along well after that

my bro served in Russia in the early 2000's. Its very dangerous there. The only story he told us was that they were robbed at knife point in their own apartment building. He won't tell us anything else cause he doesn't want our mom to worry so they must be bad

Female-Served in Ecuador. Taught an uneducated male. Was very drunk 1 night. Went in to talk he laughed at us and spoke to us in ENGLISH!! Still remember his black eyes.

It wasn't me but my brother in law was on his mission in the Philippines during the tsunami it took him and his partner three days of walking to reach the missionary center where there was a way to get word out to the family that he was OK. He said it was three days of walking through bodies and destruction.

Held up multiple times at gunpoint in NC. One time the gun was held to our heads. When they finally believed we weren't the police started what would be an amazing relationship to this day. Almost had to change my pants

my friend served a mission in south africa and 3 months in, boiling oil spilled all over his skin, leading to 3rd degree burns and had to be flown back to the US. Finished mission in colorado but was depressed because he thought he could've made a difference in Africa

also in Austin tx there was a taxidermist who murdered two missionaries and cut them into little pieces with a saw. They can the second chainsaw massacre

on my mission, was visiting an elderly member who hadn't been to church for a while. Out of no where he stood up, dropped his pants, revealing his colostomy bag and his junk. Knew that was the moment it was time to bounce.

My husband went to Mexico on his mission. They found some marijuana seeds and planted them. They actually grew to an adult plant and someone stole it from them

Had a covert give us a ride home after a lesson. He got road rage, pulled over and beat up the guy following us with the guy's taser. He almost killed the guy. Absolutely terrifying.

My companion and I were walking down a sketchy street in the dark and a large group of drunk men started cat calling us and coming closer. As we were hurrying to grab our pepper spray and tasers, one of them yelled "hey! Be respectful! Their Mormon girls. HII MORMON GIRLS!"

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