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TEXT TOPIC: What was your Thanksgiving Drama?

Got drunk on thanksgiving day after dinner and hooked up with my girlfriends sister in law. No drama yet but stay tuned!!

my neighbor knocked on my door & asked to see our ring history to see if his bf is cheating while he's at work- UPDATE: yes he was cheating since oct 1 3 times a week yikes

25 of us met at my parent's for Thanksgiving. Right after dinner, my mom was apologizing for the banana cream pie having no flavor....we ran out and got her a covid test. She was positive.

mom gave my bro and sis in law and I weed gummies. Lol don't know if my dad picked up on it at all

Had a seizure Thanksgiving night with an ambulance ride to the hospital. Home now, recovering and even more grateful for just another day!

both sets of divorced grandparents showed up to Thanksgiving and didn't know each other were there awkward for everyone

got invited to my grandma for thanksgiving after 6 years of not being invited she told me dinner was at 5 showed up at 5 and everyone ate and everything was cleaned up.

My brothers were drinking, and my oldest brother was running down the sidewalk. There was ice, and he slipped and smashed his face into the curb. Shattered the whole left side of his face, has to get reconstructive surgery.

My sister in law announces to everyone that I was pregnant the day before my planned pregnancy reveal party for my kids

I was about to ask for a family pic and all the sudden my 2 sis in laws started going at it. F bombs, the c word!! I had to separate them and send one in a car home & the other back in the house. It was epic

My grandparents announced that they are getting a divorce at thanksgiving dinner. My aunt was balling the entire night--They did it at the end of dinner, once we all were about to eat dessert. They made it seem like a whole speech. (they are LDS so it felt like a talk in sacrament).

My sister who is 19 told us that she is pregnant. My dad went into his room and never came back out the rest of the night.

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