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TEXT TOPIC: WARNING! 21 and older: What happened at the strip club?

went with a guy I was dating and I watched the girls while he played video games

we were out at the strip club in wendover and my ex wife got up and danced on stage with the stripper and ended up naked and making out with her in front of all my friends.

I was out on the floor dancing alone, fully clothed when a manager came up and told me I had to stop because the men were watching me and not the dancers haha

husband and I took his dad to strip club for dad's dad they both got too drunk we all got kicked out I had to carry them out so cops weren't called. Im small girl they are big men both over 200 lbs

I was not interested in a private dance but I agree to one song. Halfway through the song I was so disinterested I asked the dancer to get off of me so I could leave. She immediately complained of how broke she was and went to my friends and started talking crap.

My husband and I started sexy dancing at the strip club. It lasted about 5 minutes and then we were asked to leave the establishment. I guess we looked better than the dancers for that moment.

At the strip club.... Young. Dumb. Motor boated a girl... Got my gold chain stolen.

I (f) was the only female other than the dancers, all the guys paid extra to have the dancers dance on me. I didn't spend a single dollar and the girls made extra money and didn't have to deal with grabby guys. Win win

I went to one of the clubs here in SLC. A girl I went to high school with was dancing there and she freaked out when she saw me because she was pissed I called her out back then for drunk driving. Guess she still had beef.

it was my husband's bachelor party and they were roofied after somebody in the group, they assumed, pissed off the security guard.

at the strip club with my brother and his wife...My sister in law asked for some cash to buy my brother a private dance for my brother....So surreal. Shes crazy!

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