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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

P.A.T. Hey, Doug! With all due respect, please keep in mind how YOUR parenting choices have turned out before you forcefully insert yourself in the parenting of your grandchildren. At least they have ONE parent that’s playing with a full deck of cards. Spoiler alert, it’s NOT your daughter.

I gave you MANY CHANCES!! I asked you to be willing to work out any challenges that come . You have to ask yourself why you KEEP starting drama. We don't HATE YOU not at all .. YOU hate YOU

I knew you would miss me when I left. Now everything is going to crap and the new manager sucks donkey and everyone is quitting! Good luck cleaning up your messy personality

I've been waiting for today... If your selling something on KSL/Facebook... don't flake on the buyer! It's supposed to be the other way around!

hey uncle, don't bring up Donald trump on Thursday or I'll slap your plate out of your hand. I've already mentally prepared myself for it. Sit down and shut up.

not looking forward too seeing my sisters husband during thanksgiving

I'm so tired of your "Kindness Always" sweater when I constantly hear you talk badly about everyone's religious beliefs and what they believe. Being kind is keeping those opinions to yourself and not talking about it in the work place.

Wifey...my apologies for not getting all of the leaves in from our 25+ trees after working my tail off 8-5, a second job that I don't need, and coaching three teams (your idea).

How do expect our kids to respect and listen to you when you don't show them the same courtesy to them.

Little bro, stop scamming people on Facebook, ive received multiple messages from different people saying how you've taken their money and your about to get a felony for theft.

We already have 5 cars at the house some parking on the street why should you buy another come on mom

Mr boss I am on maternity leave that means do not contact me. And if you do know that I can't drop everything to answer your dumb questions as i have a 4 year old and newborn im a bit busy. It's not my problem you didn't figure this out before I went on leave it's not like you had 9 months or anything

Before you post your fake ultrasound pic, think about who may see it. My 14 year old doesn't know what a real ultrasound looks like, so thinking his bio dad who doesn't take care of him was having a new baby devastated him....I had to explain it's not real. My boy was in tears.

To Scott, who has mooched tons of money off of your parents and have gotten over big time. So THAT'S how you feel about your sister? You. Disgust. Me.

inlaws. We're the parents. Not you. Respect our boundaries that we have in place for our child or you won't be in his life. I'll make sure of it.

Pat hey boss, just because you approved my coworker to be off the full month of December doesn't mean you can dump her whole job on me during my busiest time. Also how does my other coworker have time to work on her kids homework during work? Can we spread the work evenly?

PAT to all the nosey ass looky-loo Karen's in my neighborhood. Stop looking over my fence from the playground to see what we're doing in our backyard. Don't report us to the HOA about putting in a pool. We're doing everything to code, permits from the city etc. The HOA is aware and we don't need you tattling. Don't hate us for making the best use of our yard!!

I know you enjoy family time but you can't monopolize every holiday and every other weekend. We need some time as with just our family. Find some Hobbies

hey in laws. Thanks for making us feel like the step kids once again. 2 days away from thanksgiving and we haven't been invited to thanksgiving dinner. Don't text us at this point, it's too late. You all suck!

If you cut in the carpool line at school, I am imagining slashing all of your tires. You are not more important than the rest of us patiently waiting our turn. If you do this, I hope each of you get the kind of day you deserve.

To the person I flipped off twice yesterday, I honked because you came to a dead stop in the middle of I-215 and then you brake check me? You suck

Dear future mother-in-law, don't give me crap for getting the vaccine. I respect your opinion so respect that my lungs are terrible and I decided to take the risk and get the vaccine

Dear ex, when I heard you come home last night after midnight, it makes me think the rumors were true. Don't be a hypocrite.

to ANYBODY still defending Biden, are you enjoying paying $3.80 for a gallon of gas? And the overall crappy state of our country. "But I don't like Donald Trump"😩🤦🏻‍♂️(Note the sarcasm)

HEY Guy in the little old white Mercedes who I walked up on in the middle of bashing into a trucks window with an umbrella outside the west valley city Vasa Fitness lastnight, I got a good look at you and know who you are! Better hide because I've turned you're info in to the police you thief!

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