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TEXT TOPIC: How did your family member mess up Thanksgiving?

it was my aunt's first time hosting Thanksgiving as we were sitting down to eat she realized she hadn't cooked the potatoes, we didn't eat for another hour and had lumpy half cooked mashed potatoes. She hates when we bring it up.

About 16 years ago when I was 12 my uncle was being dumb and ended up almost cutting his finger off with a folding table bled all over everything. We ended up cooking pizza for dinner that year.

my brother ruined Thanksgiving by showing up drunk and blowing bubbles in his mashed potatoes. His wife was so embarrassed.... Way to go Brad!

my boyfriend's mom always burns the rolls! it's like a tradition now lol

My genius sister decided that she wanted to read a few websites on the Internet about how to make your turkey very tender. She proceeded to inject the entire turkey with vinegar as the website said to help brine prior to cooking. Grossest and most sour turkey I have ever had in my life!

Mother-in-law used salt instead of sugar in her pumpkin pie

In charge of the Turkey for the big family thanksgiving. All thawed, seasoned and ready to cook. Chilling in the fridge in the garage. Smart but stupid dog opened the fridge and had a feast of his own.

A few years ago my mom burnt the gravy! We/she didn't know until we started to eat. Everything you but gravy on. Ugh 😣 and there wasn't any leftover juices to make more.

My sister made a bacon wrapped turkey, she put it in the oven in a glass dish to keep it warm till dinner was ready. When we took it out the glass shattered and flew EVERYWHERE, ruining the turkey, stuffing and veggies. We only had potatoes

Had everyone over, started the cooking. Asked 1 Brother-in-law to turned on the smoker. Didn't have prop venting & flame blew up out the other end. At my other Brother-in-laws face. He received 3rd Dgree burns. No one could eat the turkey, only ham while at the hospital

Me it was I who ruined Thanksgiving 🙃 I was younger when I made the stuffing and it never made it to my mom to stuff the Turkey til the next morning.... I was out partying with the stuffing in my car... I was in so much trouble for the stuffing I still hear about it til this day ! Special K

I rnd dinner my fiance decided the wk before to get a convection oven. I didn't know you need a flat pan so the top half is the only part that cooked 15 people and half a turkey

My sister chose Thanksgiving to be Keto and used Xanthum gum to thicken the gravy. She used too much and it was thick, lumpy, and gross!

made a spinach salad, but used rancid oil...if you took salad, the dressing got all over the plate

My mom's side of the family one year for Thanksgiving when I was little didn't cook the turkey right in the oven so then they put it in the microwave and tried cooking it in the microwave it was a 30 pound turkey and everybody ended up getting food poisoning except for me and my siblings because we wouldn't eat it so good times.

have an uncle who gives "uncle Eddie" a run! My dad made this amazing thanksgiving dinner with a homemade gravy. We all dish up our food and pour gravy over everything, turkey, potatoes, stuffing- all of it! We all sit down, say a prayer and go to dig in. Unbeknownst to us, good ol uncle Eddie mixed his homemade "smoked" gravy which tasted like charcoal and cigarettes, in with my dad! It was disgusting and ruined everything

aunt had decided to do a big thanksgiving dinner before uncle went to prison, aunt was so high that she didn't cook the turkey and we ended up eating pizza on paper plates while said aunt continued to get high with uncle going to prison

My dad "ruined" thanksgiving one year when the restaurant he catered dinner from was actually closed that year. We ended up eating Pollo Loco with the fanciest table decor and silverware. We talk about it every year!

20+ people had just sat down and my 4yr old threw up all over the table. Had to reset everything and the next day 5 more people were sick

first Thanksgiving after getting Married. Invited 20 people. Purchased a Capon. Because I didn't know what a Capon was and it was cheaper than the butterball turkey. It is NOT, NOT the same as Turkey.

I was cooking sweet potatoes in my oven last week, broiling the marshmallows (there was plenty of clearance), and *poof* my whole oven went up in flames. Like open the door, flames coming into my face and out the top kind of flames Needless to say, I won't be cooking again

my mom put the most amazing looking turkey in the oven in the morning and we all enjoyed a movie and the day to find out she forgot to turn the oven on come dinner time

Was finally allowed to bring mashed potatoes 2 the in-laws, got a new potato ricer, boiled the potatoes whole, used my cool gadget, added real butter, cream and s/p. Was so excited! First bite, filled with dirt/grit, had no idea that the potatoes had to be washed first, thought boiling them would take care of that. Don't get asked to bring anything now

how I ruined thanksgiving dinner, my first time cooking my my significant others family. you know how on the salt container it has a sprinkle or dump side I unloaded a half container of salt by accident into my mashed potatoes and they were absolutely disgusting. No amount of Sour cream can't cover up that amount of salt.

My Uncle was in charge of the green bean casserole once. He made the choice to use Top Raman on the top instead of the fried onions. It was both crunchy and mushy. We still give him a hard time about it to this day!

2019 it was the first thanksgiving after my dad passed, I had a boyfriend who wanted to make it special for my family and smoke a turkey but he but it on the smoker 2 hours before and cranked up the heat for it to "cook faster" ended up catching the turkey on fire.

I tried to deep fry a Turkey one year and the hose that connects the burner to the propane tank got a hole in it and if we hadn't realized it it would have exploded. So I ruined Thanksgiving because the Turkey wasn't cooked.

We forgot the dinner rolls. The DINNER ROLLS!! No one could mop up the left over gravy from their plates!! We've never lived it down!!

The first time my, now husband, ate with my family, was Thanksgiving dinner. The only thing that was good was the ham that was already prepared. The scalloped potatoes were straight soup and NO flavor. The steamed green beans were raw. He was hesitant to eat my mom's cooking again.

my mother in law just wins all of our thanksgivings 🙈 she got an idea off Pinterest to write what we're thankful for on a piece of paper, roll it up and put it in a roll before baking. Then read aloud when you open one. I ended up eating half of whatever someone was thankful for before I realized it was in there. Yay for extra fiber!

First year of Thanksgiving as a married couple and cooked the most beautiful turkey, only to knock it off the counter on to the floor and the dogs took off with it. I cried.

my brother-in-law was cooking the turkey trying to deep fry it for the first time, he didn't know how we had a halfway cooked, half raw turkey. Took it to the family dinner and my wife and I were the only ones who got food poisoning.

I was was drunk and playing physically with my niece and uncle and my older niece playfully pushed me, I lost my balance backwards onto the table breaking the table leg causing the food to fall over. Immediately ran and cried out of the house knowing I was in trouble lol

Mother-in-law made a gourmet chocolate pie and I told her it wasn't like my moms Chocolate pie . She threw it in my face and the whole family said I was disrespectful. Come to find out my mom's chocolate pie was just putting in a bowl with Cool Whip and I get cherry pie which I hate from now on

One kid burnt the ham while the other baked the turkey butt end up. Confused as to why this turkey had no meat. Lol.

Family was gathered together for thanksgiving dinner. I'm carrying a glass dish to the table, it slipped and hit my 2 year old in the head. A trip to the ER and 10 stitches, sorry son! Thanksgiving ruined.

uncle tried deep frying a turkey but it wasn't all the way thawed. Dropped it in the pot and sent hot oil everywhere nearly catching the house on fire

My husband thought he knew how long to cook a turkey, being from another country never saw it done and thought he knew best, needless to say it was undercooked it. It was raw and took another couple hours to finish cooking it.

our assignment was the green bean casserole. We got it from the deli section at the grocery store. It was bad, spoiled bad... this was 20 years ago, my brothers still won't let it go. I hear about it every year, whether we get together or not.

Growing up one year my mom who is a nurse had to work Thanksgiving. When she came home we went and tried to go to a buffet for Thanksgiving dinner. They could not hold any more capacity and we Ended up at a grocery store and had corn dogs for Thanksgiving. They had no more turkey dinners

My younger sister had a little too much to drink before dinner! While going around the table saying what were thankful for she decides to stand up and in the middle of her talk she throws up and it goes all over the potatoes and salads! No-one wanted to eat after that! Ruined Thanksgiving for everyone that year. Ended up going to eat at golden coral with the family! Now we just laugh about it!

put the rolls and turkey in the oven to cook together. Set the timer for the rolls, 15 minutes, and the oven shut off. Turkey didnt cook

Grandma was hosting. Instead of a feast she made barley enough for everyone to have something of everything on their plates. No way was there enough to have what you wanted.

One thanksgiving I accidentally poured soap all over the turkey instead of oil. Not my fault, who puts soap in a glass oil container? Needless to say, the turkey was extra clean that year haha

last year my uncle was in charge of the turkey. He brought this huge beautiful turkey to dinner and we cut into it and it was completely raw in the middle. He tried cooking it well and it was still frozen. It was awful. We cannot eat any of it so Thanksgiving was turkey less last year

brought sweet potato casserole that just needed to be popped in the oven on broil with the marshmallows on top. My mother in law said she would take care of it when there was room in the oven but didn't watch & the marshmallows caught on fire.

WE FORGOT THE SUGAR!!! And every year, they don't let me forget it. We had to have a thanksgiving with no pies!!

my father in law deep fried the turkey, when he got it out and realized it wasn't done he put it back in. Brought it back out and he was certain it was done. My mother in law cut it up and said this isn't done... They served it anyway!! Now every year my husband makes sure it is done, I still can't eat their turkey.

when I was younger, we would go over to my gmas and help her make the pies for thanksgiving. I was in charge of reading the ingredients and my sisters were helping her put the ingredients in. The next day at thanksgiving dinner, we pull out the pies and served them. We all had big bites and spit out the pie.

one year I thought I could smoke a turkey using my grill. Everything was going great until the last hour. I got busy making all of the sides and when I came back out it was burned to a crisp, chard black through and through. How did I not notice?

deep frying turkey, put it in the oil, overflowed I freaked out got the tongs grabbed it out! Dropped it on the ground!! Totally ruined!!

one year we had everything BUT a turkey. One uncle thought the other uncle was bringing the turkey it was our gpas last thanksgiving and now it's a bittersweet memory.

every single year when my sister makes the Turkey everyone gets the poops shortly after or on their way home. I just found out She never thaws her Turkey completely so it never gets thoroughly cooked. I bought the Turkey this year and I am thawing and taking it to her.

baby brother switched the oven to cleaning mode and ruined the turkey. He's 24 now and we still will never let him live it down

I make homemade cream pies every year for thanksgiving. Last year I messed up and didn't cook them long enough so the cream filling didn't set up. Ruined everyone's favorite dessert.

1st year I was married. My MIL ran a catering business and did NOT like me. I was determined to make Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I didn't know you had to take the bag of innards out of the turkey. It exploded inside and I didn't know, so I served it. It made everyone sick. 20 years later and my MIL still talks about it and still hates me.

my dad put the turkey in the oven to find out 4 hours later that the oven was never on. No turkey for us.

MIL put turkey in a bag to cook. Husband wanted to coat the turkey. Slapped his thighs like he was getting ready for the haka. Took bag and shook once. Bag split and turkey went all over. 2 yo daughter came, slipped on guts and started swimming in those guts. Disgusting!

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