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TEXT TOPIC: What is the office drama??

I'm now in a different department but the call center is all drama! It comes from the highest level all the way down to entry level positions

Had to let employee go after crazy girlfriend called front desk claiming emergency. girlfriend started showing up and causing scene and destroying company property.

I have a mechanic that is mad because he was off the day I handed out Xmas party invitations and I hadn't given his to him yet

Cell phone store is worse than a high school. Cliques, gossip, rumors. Management does nothing. Ended up getting fired because one person made a rumor about me and their friends all went along with it. No proof. Just my word vs theirs.

Worked at a restaurant and my boss the owner I considered my best friend at one point till I realized she was the common denominator with all the drama. She broke up a employee's marriage with lies and I stood up for this employee and she started to cut my hours so I said peace don't mess with my money. She is reported to still be doing this.

worked with a girl who spread many rumors about people at work including management needless to say she was iced out and quit, then also had a girl who thought that because her mom was friends with the director that she would always have a job lots went down she got fired we had to have a cop in the front for awhile because she had people threatening to seriously hurt people still in the office

work in a pharmacy. 1 person constantly calls out. Pulls the "FMLA" or "disability" card. I have been there 3 years, they have yet to work a full week.

same pharmacy, 2nd person is 60ish y/o has full on meltdowns, stomping feet, heavy sighing, etc.

someone at work got pregnant and ended up miscarrying. Found out that the dad wasn't their husband, it was someone else in the office...

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