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TEXT TOPIC: What are you EXCITED about?

A week from today, I'm flying to Orlando to perform at Epcot for a Christmas thing. And I've never been to Disneyworld before.

i'm excited for baby number three and me and my wife have only been married for three years Ha Ha..... ha

I'm excited to head to Disneyworld with family and one of my besties

3rd grandbaby. Grandkids are the best!

we've been living with the in laws for a year while we build but we're finally down to two months before we get to move in!

I'm excited for my two year anniversary with my boyfriend February. We're planning on going to a treehouse AirB&B in Park City! We started dating 6 weeks before the COVID shutdown in 2020 and now we have a house and dog together :)

my husband and I are expecting our first child in April. I have my second ultrasound today.

it's my last day at my job today, I'm starting a career on Monday as an electrician!!

I'm making Tamales with my Mami tomorrow!! :)

just won a major competition last night within an organization I'm a part of! Won an ATV and a trip to compete at the national comp in Atlanta!

getting my kitchen remodeled

I am excited to be off for nine days after today's shift! I really needed a break from all the office drama.

I’m excited to go to Cancun for two weeks and we leave tomorrow

I'm excited to go back to school in January. Going to pursue a web design degree!

So excited I get to go to my first NFL game in 2 weeks! Finally get to see the GOAT Tom Brady play after being a huge fan of him for 20 years! And a bonus is that the Bucs are playing in Atlanta where my daughter lives so we get to see her and her husband as well and they are coming with us to the game!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Excited to build my own gaming pc. Never been into gaming since I met my boyfriend but I'm excited to build a pc so we can play together

Family coming into town today!!!!

I'm excited to be starting a candle business next year.

excited for embryo transfer day in December and the journey my wife and I and our surrogate

I am excited my sister is getting Induced today I am going to be an aunt again.

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