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TEXT TOPIC: Do you sleepwalk or does someone in your family?

sleep walk and talk often. scary movies trigger sleep walking. Recently I watched 2 in a row and kept waking up in different parts of the house. I slept TERRIBLE that night lol

I used to sleep walk as a child. One time in the dead of winter I had walked out the front door and down the street and my mom found me curled up in a snow bank.

slept and ate anything and everything. I thought my clothes were shrinking nope I was growing I started walking up with food in my mouth! It was from a medication oh and I filled my drawer with water

Notorious sleep walker. Less so the older I get. Used to wake up outside . In weird places. Different clothes. My mom and now my husband know to get me back to bed.

My 8 year old son does something similar to Frankie's story. He walks down and doesn't know why he's there. But he's caught my husband and I in the act a couple times. When we ask the next day he remembers nothing.

my husband sleep walks, he will make full sandwiches or other food all while sleep walking. Sometimes eats them other times we find them the next morning

My family went to Disneyland and we were staying in a motel on the 3rd floor. I slept walk and was trying to open the door. Good thing my mom woke up before I got outside.

i was about 10 and woke up in my backyard at 2 am and I had locked myself out

I sleep walk almost daily. And sleep talk daily. Recently fell off my highly raised bed and walked around my house. Woke up really confused as to where I was.

My brother sleepwalks. He walked into the bathroom & got stuck behind the door. It was dark. I could hear heavy weird breathing & see him in the crack of the door trying to get out...a GD horror movie! Scared the 💩 outta me!!

my oldest son used to sleep walk when he was younger & we were always afraid he would leave the house at night. During his episode it seemed he was getting ready for school he would pee & try to head out the door

My husband sleep talks and walks. He has an FB page. Travis sleep talking chronicles 😂😂 its hereditary so my kids get featured from time to time

My 14 year old daughter sleepwalks.She's woken up wearing latex gloves and an apron from the kitchen.She's shaved off half of her eyebrow and cut her hair while sleepwalking.

used to sleep walk as a kid and my brother saw me and said i looked like a zombie and hit me with a pillow so hard i fell onto the couch. (Didnt wake up lol)

Used to sleep walk as a early teen. Would get ready for school at 11:30. One time my parents said I took a shower and didn't wake up

Niece spent the night when she was 12-14. She was sleep walking and tried to go out the back door. We all woke up the the house alarm going off because she opened the door. Thank you house alarm! I don't know what I would have done if something happened to her.

never sleep walked but I would scream and yell in my sleep at my lil sis. We fought a lot growing up. The fighting stopped and I stopped screaming and yelling in my sleep

We have a family member that eats in their sleep. Just recently they ate the whole bowl of Halloween candy. They have no memory of it happening

my brother used to sleep walk when he was a kid. He actually got in the bathtub started the bath and flooded the apartment. He also took a drink of cleaner one night and it woke him up.

sister was abt 7yo she used to sleep walk all the time but the very 1st time my parents were watchn XXX movie in the living room gettin it & she walked in on them, parents thought she was awake

Woke up to my wife rapidly feeling underneath me, as if she was searching for something, going "WHERE IS IT" I said "where's what?" My wife: "My sticks, where are they?!?" Me: "what sticks" My wife: "my sticks...::: for my ice cream, ya know?" It was at that point I knew she was sleep talking

when I was like 5 we lived in an apartment and I woke up in the middle of the night unlocked the doorknob and the latch at the top, my dad had heard the door shut and found me walking around by the pool

when my son was like 4 he ran out of his room and around...went to the bathroom and peed on the door. He wouldn't respond to us talking to us. It was weird

when my brother was 16 he slept walked up the stairs and asked us for a bowl of water. He told him no end he started to scream. We caved and gave it to him. He then came over to my sister and kicked her and when back downstairs

pulled everything out of the fridge, cracked eggs all over the table and mixed in a bunch of sauces. My dad found me in the AM sleeping on the table

My son, Daemien, has always loved dinosaurs. One night when he was three, I woke up to him stomping around the room, making Trex claws and rawring. I watched him for a few minutes, quietly giggling to myself. He got i Back into bed like nothing happened, lay his head down and slept like nothing ever happened 🤣 he's 7 now and still talks in his sleep but doesn't sleep walk anymore

my husband will straight up jump my bones in his sleep and then fall back asleep mid deed. No recollection he next morning

I used to sleep walk/talk as a kid. I'd go into other rooms & mumble talk to people then go back to bed. A lot of waking up nude too, hated pajamas.

Naked mumbler here. My 5 year old son sleep talks and grinds his teeth super loud. The sound of his grinding teeth makes me gag.

My friend who grew up in Arizona dated a kid whose dad killed his mom while sleepwalking. Supposedly. That's what he said happened, but the dad was convicted of murder. You can look it up. It really happened.

5 year old wonders around sometimes pees and if you try to touch or help (get to the toilet or clean up an accident) he fights and yells for all he is worth

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