TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a fake social media account?

I had a second Snapchat and insta account that I use to get in touch with my hoes, awhile back my girl thought I was cheating on her and wanted to check my normal accounts told her go right ahead

I have a fake social media profile that I use with my online dating. I can give it out to prospective dates without revealing my personal information to people that I've just met online.

You should check out the documentary on Netflix about Bob Lazaar.

I have a fake Facebook account to so I can monitor and friend people committing crimes. It's basically for intel at work. Shhhh

I have a fake Facebook account for under cover police work. =

i have a secret snapchat where I sell nudes. My husband has no idea

I think its just another thing they are telling to distract us from all the sex Trafficking!

Wasn't sure if you huys knew there is a surveillance video of the accident on 3200 W on fox 13 ="

remember Mitt Romney had a fake social media account to talk smack on Trump lol

remember Mitt Romney had a fake social media account to talk smack on Trump lol

I don't do the whole finsta thing, but know some people in college who post things on there they don't want EVERYONE to see - drinking, drugs... Etc

My friend made fake Instagram to see my sis's bf posts. Got real quick when he instantly tried to cheat on my sis with "her". she chose him, shunned us.

When I was a teenager this guy was harassing my friends so I made a fake social media profile to harass him back. I got him to stop!

I have a second Facebook so I could be a grammar and price Nazi on the marketplace

Romney got busted for having one.

My wife just texted you, saying that she sells nudes. Well she doesn''t know, but will after this text. I found your social media where you sell nudes. Oh honey, You didn''t think I would find out but I did.

I had a fake FB account to check the stupid crap my husband''s ex would post because she harassed me non-stop would steal our FB pics to mock me. She''s a horrible person. I removed myself from the situation.

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