TEXT TOPIC: How is your relationship during the pandemic?

The pandemic for our relationship brought out and enforced all the bad things and drowned out all the good. Just today I have a strong urge to leave my wife. I still love her and show it every day. There is just nothing coming back from her.

This whole thing has been awesome for my marriage it had brought me and my wife closer.

In the 23 yrs. that we''ve been married it''s never been better. We've been able to focus on just each other.

We have been together 17 years last month! We have a strong relationship and this pandemic has just brought us closer!

We are surviving. Being in the 3rd trimester along with the pandemic, we're irritable and short with each other. Got into a big fight over nothing yesterday.

If my hubby ask me: Babe what you doing one more time. I'm saying looking up a lawyer

The Love has gone up 50% more in house.

I want a divorce

we are doing okay right now. We are having connection issues (no dates, always kids around) had a small separation but are back together.

Broke up with my ex 3 different times. Finally, we are done, done. Ugh this pandemic sucks lol.

Married over 18 years and there has been no sex in two years... I now have a boyfriend in the side and 3 guys in chatting with in FB and IG.

We are doing good. Thankfully both of Our schedules haven't changed with COVID.

The quarantine has brought us a lot closer and made our relationship a lot stronger after 3 years of marriage I've learned new things about my hubby that I never new before. It’s been a fun journey!!!

We broke up 2 months ago I moved out last month. She couldn't get over one fight we had so I had to leave.

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