TEXT TOPIC: Hospital Delivery Room Drama

20 years ago I had 6 people in the delivery room . 5 were my girlfriends yelling and swinging on my THEN husband as I went into labor while he was at his girlfriends house. They MADE him leave.

Emergency c-section anesthesiologist paged stat to delivery room. My ob/gyn has a screaming fight with the anesthesia Dr. While I’m on the table, water broke, meconium in the fluid, he didn’t think he needed to be paged "stat" wtf?

My mother in law asked several times to change my daughters name. We told her no... she actually asked the social security paper work lady if the information was final and if we could still change her name!

After I delivered my 3rd child, I could hear another woman wandering the halls yelling for methadone. She kept opening all the new mom’s doors. When she got to mine I saw she was in a pink adult onesie with ice cream cones. Later I heard her screaming to see her baby. Even later I heard the nurses trying to restrain her.

Mother in law came in room (like she owned it) brought 5 yr old grandson and whipped out her video camera!!! Uhm...NO!! had to have three nurses escort them out!

Had a patient who''s husband stormed out and claimed baby wasn't his due to his lighter skin tone. Babies skin takes a few days to darken.

I have a friend who had her mother in law in the delivery room for her first baby. After giving birth she literally stole the show. She made it all about her and grabbed the baby before her own son (the babies father). Saying oh "my baby my grand baby" Never again will she let anyone else in but her husband.

our first child he hands me the phone not telling me whom it is . It''s his first babiesmomma YELLING at me because I gave our daughter the middle name faith which apparently was hers and their daughter middle name.

my mom and I kept getting into it , during my labor. When it came time to push, she was holding a leg . I made a comment that upset her and she decided to just let go of my leg ,causing it to make a hard thud from numbness . and then threw a tantrum and yell at me , the whole time I was pushing . The nurses looked horrified. So embarrassing.

MY cell rang, it was his mistress. He'd been using MY phone while I was delivering to call & go see her. I was yelling when the nurse came in. He was saved!

My mother-in-law was insisting she be in the room. My husband &I were both adamant NO! My sister & niece got stuck in the room Iwent so fast.

We all had a hard time trying to concentrate on helping my daughter deliver because great Gma came in the room stood looking where the baby was crowning. She had her hand over her mouth and kept saying omg.

As I was giving birth to my first child. It was time to give me the epidural, my doctor & nurse pull out the epidural kit & kinda look at me funny then both turn around to huddle and start reading the instructions! WTH?! I said you''re reading instructions?!

31 years ago when I delivered my sonthe Dr because he threw my son into the bassinet slamming his head into the top and then as I was signing release forms found adoption paperwork and that the Dr was trying to give my son up for adoption and had a family ready in waiting room to take him home my motherin law went after him in the waiting room.

My step mom was in the delivery room pouting because she came home early from her vacation when my sister went into labor. She wouldn''t even look atthe baby she just sat there with her arms folded. My brother in law told her if you can''t be happy for us you should probably just go home and someone would take my dad home when he was ready. She went and sat in the car and called my dad every 2-3 minutes asking when he was coming out because she wanted to go.

a good friend of mine had a baby when we were young she was 16 The dad wasn''t around so I went in the delivery room with her mom, We each were holding a leg, They didn''t get an epidural in time so my friend was screaming in pain and just watching her in that much pain I ended up passing out! I''m a tall woman so it was a long fall, When I came to all the nurses were trying to help me, I just kept telling them she''s the one having a baby help her!

They stayed for my 12 hours of labor and left after yelling at us. My husband wanted to tell them what the baby was when they first saw him. My mother-in-law was even yelling at the nurses because they let us have skin to skin.

We waited to find out the gender of our baby. While we were having skin to skin my in-laws kept calling like 15 times. Just to yell at us and tell uswe were selfish for making them wait so long.

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