TEXT TOPIC: Are you having more meetings at work because of the pandemic?

Bruh I''m in a meeting as you read this text. I''m tired of these meeting. So I''m quitting this week and going into photography no lies I''m going to freelance. Bad timing due to the pandemic? Screw it.

I have almost double the amount of meetings now that I'm working from home. Expected to have 1:1s with each team member weekly

Teresa here I am in more meetings now. My boss , the Dean of the Business School has a lot in normal times but now over the edge. I am in the meetings now taking notes to follow up. So much shizz going on.

HR Generalist and Wellness Coordinator. I have just as many meetings just via Zoom now. But so thankful to still have a job right now.

Omg THREE team syncs every day to talk about NOTHING!

Not so much full on meetings but the constant checking in to make sure I'm working. As Jess said Micromanaging at it's finest

I have more meetings since working from home. I feel they are relative and some co workers are extremely negative about it. I personally appreciate the fees back, tips and tricks to help with performance. Working for a bank it''s important to make sure people are on point with cust service.

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