TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday is HERE!

Quit judging me and my wife for what we have. We have done our time and busted our ass to get where we are. Step up your game and you can have the same.

You''ve had two pregnancy scares and yet you continue to have unprotected sex. I’m tired of your mental breakdowns and feeling like your mother, we are a year apart. Please start using your common sense

If you could stop telling your mom everything, I do that makes you mad, that would be great. I don’t tell my parents how you don’t help cook, clean, take care of the pets, or the baby.

I get separation from work and home it doesn’t take it to the extreme that you’re not responding to emails or important texts that affect the rest of the team.

Hey Jackass in the silver Malibu who passed me on the should of 15 yesterday in north Ogden. Wait your turn. I hope you get what's coming to you.

don't tell me you know if you ask me a question you don't that's why you asked! And let me finish my damn sentences you're so damn rude!

you called after I had already left work and try to have a detailed lesson over the phone. All the whole my daughter is asking for/needing me. Just because your my boss doesn’t make you my priority.

My husband doesn’t come home in the mornings after his graveyard shift because we live 15 more minutes South than his parents’ house. And he doesn’t’ ‘see any problem with that.

I’m getting married next week, and my future husband and I will be staying at my house and keeping roommates to save money. THEY DONT CLEAN SHIT. I shouldn’t feel like a mother of a 20 and 22-year-old. They've even started calling my fiancé and I dad and mom.

If you park so close to my car and I can’t get in my car while my car is perfectly in the line, I will hit your car getting into mine even with you sitting there watching me. Learn to park or don’t drive.

A poem: Broke myself in half just to watch us fall apart Stupid me I should have known we were bent right from the start Got me twisted, got me tripping Strung up on this anger that I’m sipping

DO NOT call me to fix you when you're broken. You abandoned us. You abandoned your children. The bridge is burned. Ps, I still hate you.

Quit being a vindictive Karen, be a professional manager and let go of all your anger and "the world is out to get me" attitude! Stop blaming people for your misery! Grow up would ya!

Please quit telling me we need to co-parent. I’m sick of your games. I talk to you and communicate on anything regarding our child. You don’t. You try and play the nice guy yet continue to call the cops on me every week. It’s pretty much a waste of time. Our child isn't beat. Just grounded. Grow up.

Soon to be x daughter in law, we all know you’re perfect but maybe you should finalize the divorce before you get engaged and check your attitude you share kids with my son. Grow up and stop acting like you’re a good mom when you really only want the kids for the $ and to hurt their dad.

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