TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions-Therapists and Counselors

When I am having my clients listen to a guided meditation, you bet I am taking a quick cat nap while they think I am doing it along with them.

Therapists Confessions: We genuinely want you to get better and not need us! Some people believe therapists want you to be in therapy forever for the money. Ethical therapists want you to heal and move on. Also, we have heard everything, so its safe to be honest. You don’t need to spend a year in therapy before you open up and address what the real problem is. Therapy is safe!

I think my biggest pet peeve as a therapist is when parentscome in to have us fix their kid or couples come in expecting usto fix their partners. It makes me a little frustrated,especially when the person who wants the fixing done usually needsmore therapy than the person they brought, or maybe even dragged, to therapy.

I recently had an emotional affair with one of my clients.When someone makes you feel safe when you're vulnerable and they're there for you, it can be easy to develop feelings and get attached. That is how we both felt with each other. I had to discontinue our sessions.

Mirroring is when you copy someone's behaviors, whether it be the gestures they make, how they sit, tone of voice, words, etc. I was taught to mirror clients in grad school. The idea behind mirroring is for the client to accept you. It usually happens on a subconscious level with clients when we do this.

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