TEXT TOPIC: Do you know someone who pretends not to know you?

My ex husband acts like he doesn't know me when he's around one of his many girlfriends.

I pretend I don''t know people all the time! I''ll see people I went to high school with at the grocery store, I''ll pretend I don''t see you and will avoid you.

My husband worked for a company for 26 yrs we were really good friends with a couple well we both live same area I see his wife everywhere well she walks right by me like she doesn''t know me i know dang well she sees me but just walk by me will only talk if I say something first. Not doing it anymore!

I am that person n I know I need to work on it. I''m aquatinted with people when I have liquid courage, but when I''m sober, I''m deadly shy. People think I''m a snob

I TOTALLY acted like I didn't know this gal I went to college with. She was horrible to me. College was in South Dakota-saw her in Taylorsville about died.

a mutual friend who is at every party and gathering . Introduces herself to me nearly every time. I started just saying, "we know each other. We''ve met. Several times."

I''m friends with a few people on Facebook that comment on my photos and such... I saw them in Walmart and they looked at me like I was crazy for saying hi. = like "oh ok. I see. You want numbers not actually friends. Bye Felicia"

I went on a couple of dates with a guy, and needless to say I was the one who stopped persuing more dates. When I ran into him awhile later he pretended not to know who I was.

tried 2 friend some1 on facebook I knew in school. She accepted request, posted about hating people she didnt know ask for a friend request, and she unfriended me. Made me not ever friend request people I didnt know as an adult

A guy I was hooking up with for a few years, saw him at the store with his WIFE AND KIDS! Thought maybe it was his sister and her kids or something because he told me he was single! He was really convincing that he didnt know me though, the Oscar goes to. . .

Grew up in a smaller town. Moved to Salt Lake after college and at my internship, my first boyfriend and my first kiss was there... he said, "You look familiar, do I know you?" Really.

my husband had a female coworker that every time I was at there business she would act like we were meeting for the first time and ask me my name again Hello I told you for the fiftieth time last week

I'm that person. If you have burned a bridge with me (and it takes a lot) I can look right through you like you don't exist. You're dead to me. Lol

There''s a guy who had a huuuuge crush on me, asked all my friends about me, etc. I wasn''t interested, but still nice. He pretends like he doesn''t know me now and has "introduced" himself to me 2-3 times since.

former mgr of jewelry store. Me, a rep, met multiple times @ the store.1 on 1 appt @ my booth at jewelry show, Every SINGLE time he''d say oh, nice to meet you. Really?! Now fired for dishonesty. Karma sucker!

former best friend/boyfriend/gym partner acts like he doesn't know me anytime he sees me

I was co- girl scout leaders with this woman for 10 years for our daughters troop. A few years later I went to her daughter''s wedding and she acted like she didn''t know who I was.

I worked with a younger lady for 5+ years.. ran into her and her hubs at the gym..hubs said hi, how ya been?? She acted like she didn''t know who I was. So strange.

had a ballet teacher for like 10 years. She always hated me= now when I see her at target (where I work) always pretends she doesn''t see me or know me

ran into my ex best friend from high school , friendship ended after a bad falling out, I acted like I didn't know who she was when she saw me.

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