TEXT TOPIC: Are you making a living working your passion?

have been a self published author for years but put it on the back burner because of money, today is my last day at my job so I can go back to writing FT! Never been happier

I have wanted to be a nail tech for at least 20 years. Now the kids are grown and I''m able to finally do it!!! I decided to take the leap despite COVID-19 AND I LOVE IT!! My husband and kids are so proud of me and so supportive. It''s scary, but it was time. I graduate next month!

thank you for this topic, I''m working on a business plan and have a couple potential investors for me and an ex-coworker to branch off and start our own business. I started having panic attacks earlier this week that it wasn''t going to happen and I''d be stuck at my job, I really needed to hear these stories

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