something good we went to Mexico without kids and had the most perfect second honeymoon ever. We are so happy

taking my daughter on our first vacation ever to Disneyland on Aug 20 for 5 days. She has no idea and I will tell her the night before we leave.

just turned 35 over the weekend and had a paint night with 20 of my best friends it was so great & I''m So rejuvenated!

I'm finally getting divorced!!!

got to see my grandson this weekend after not able to see him for over a year it was the highlight of my whole week!

I'm getting married in ten days!! Got my rings at j brooks!

my parents are watching our kids for 2 nights this weekend!!! Vegas here we come for a Mommy Daddy getaway! I have the best family!

today is my last day for a month at work!! The downside I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out during my month off Hahahah

Took my boys out for their first time on my bf's boat and they loved it!! Perfect day!!

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