My mom explained yrs ago, she hears about the fight but not the make up. I don't vent to her about the fight unless I plan to tell her about making up too.

love you guys. I am going thru a relationship that we have broke up a few times. And we were even engaged. But my family and friends don''t like it. So I am back with him. So I am so afraid to tell my family. Support me regardless.

hubby tells mil things between us, which i don't mind cuz I tell my mom, but then she repeats it in front of me2his family causing us2 fight

this just happened to me on Friday, hubby went to his dad and stepmom after very serious speculations then we talked and we are better

when my husband and I were dating I complained about our fights to my mom. When we decided to get married she was not supportive because of what I had told her.

Never vent to family unless you are ready for what comes after

Spouses entire family does this. Finances, sex life, fights, it's all an open book. No secrets are safe.

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