Threw up Family Guy style outside Chili's on my bday

publicly puked at a football game. Came down with a bug and barely made it to the bathroom, opened the door latched it and chunks flew all over the wall!

my daughter threw up at Megaplex watching last James Bond film. She didn’t make it to the bathroom so vomit all over the theaterwalls/floors. >"I missed the last 30 min of movie taking care of her

when I was a kid we ate at a buffet in circus circus. Afterwards, we were walking down the hallway and my dad just started throwing up. My mom shoved him in a closet to finish and then we walked off

I threw up at Lagoon. I had just eaten and decided to ride the Samurai. Luckily I made it off the ride before my lunch decided to make an appearance

Literally just pulled over while driving into work and threw up on the side of the road because of the topic! Thx guys!

on the dance floor at a bar. Missed the trash can. Got escorted out. Bwhahaha

threw up on main street in salt lake. Right in front of keys on main. I wasn''t sick but drank way to much! My cousin was right next to me throwing up as well.

threw up in the middle of class out of nowhere. Foreign exchange student who just got to the school was like "ewww wash your hands" as I''m puking in front of everyone

found out I had a panic disorder... puking my guts out from ATL to LAX... on a plane. Flight attendants were upset because I was out of my seat.

had a really bad cough, they sat us at the outside patio on the 2nd floor at Old Spaghetti Factory at trolley square. I had a cough attack it wouldn’t stop, tried to drink water to stop it and all of a sudden I just spewed all over the table, over our food and on the floor, which the patio floor was a grate, luckily no one was below. Waiter just sat there in disgust and me with spaghetti noodles from my nose too! I bolted and waited for the rest downstairs too embarrassed to go back.

puked in BYU testing center during finals. Hundreds of silent test takers turned to look at me. It was horrible. Failed the test bc I couldn't finish.

I was 8 and thru up at great grandmas funeral on the pew worst luck ever

I was on my first date, and choked on the french fry at dinner. Threw up all over the table and all over my date

I'm a nurse and threw up in a patients room. I was 8 months prego and threw up so hard I wet my pants.

took my wife and 2 year old to San Francisco and we ate cheap all trip except one night. Sure enough at a fancy restaurant my 2 year old pukes all over the table and I tried to catch the vomit mid launch from her mouth

threw up every single day of both pregnancies. Yeah. I definitely threw up in public. A lot.

threw up on the front runner on the way home from a horrible first date. All over him and all over the seats.

at chuckarama w/my 4 yo on my shoulders getting food. Walk up to the table he throws up all over my head right there. Mortifying!

Daughter threw up at the circus all over the couple in front of us. In her hair and they were unsuspecting.

My son puked all over the Denver air port all over the guy behind us and my brothers shoes!

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